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10 Favorite Things with Jericho, WWE Trademarking XFL?, WWE Film Review

– In an interview with “Alter the Press,” Chris Jericho talks about his 10 favorite things. You can watch footage from the interview embedded below.

– The Toronto Star has posted a review of ‘No One Lives’, which played last night at the Toronto International Film Festival. It wasn’t favorable.

“While parts of it are deliberately campy, the low-budget production veers onto the amateurish and some of the jump cuts make it look like it was edited with a switchblade. Or make that a butter knife.”

The review added that it should find an audience with WWE fans, or die hard Ryuhei Kitamura fans.

– WWE is trying to register the trademark XFL. They have an existing live application for XFL filed in 2009, which was done under XFL LLC. It is still pending, as WWE have not provided a ‘Statement of Use’ for the trademark. The only difference is the new application is for use in wrestling and football.


  • Davey Zoo

    @cc I think Brodus Clay is in it.

  • CC

    Just because this No one lives is connected to WWE via its movie studio, doesnt mean it will appeal to WWE fans. Only reason most WWE fans watch these movies is to see the WWE wrestlers in them, and to my knowledge this one has no WWE wrestlers in it.

  • D2K

    I’m sure XFL reruns will air on their network. Like emerson said, they don’t want someone else to copyright it.

    Personally I think if the XFL had existed on a smaller scale (like arena football) it would have worked. It would have been easier to add the WWE-flair to it in those conditions, would have cost a lot less, allowed for more teams.

    He probably should have bought out an existing arena league and revamped it into the XFL. It wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. I could do without some of the gimmicks, but the quality of the actual on-field product was decent.

  • emerson

    Probably doing it just to prevent anyone els from copyrighting it.

  • Diesel

    Why the hell would they trademark the XFL?? You’d have thought Vince would’ve learned about that the first time around lol!