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11/14 RAW Breakdown: The Rock & Mick Foley’s Returns, Nash and Santino Lose, More

– As noted before, this week’s WWE RAW Supershow with The Rock did a 3.23 cable rating with 4.74 million viewers.

The show opened at a 3.08 rating with the Jim Ross and Michael Cole segment. The Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes and Hunico match lost 582,000 viewers while Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler gained 108,000 viewers back. The segment with Mick Foley and John Cena gained 1,351,000 viewers to start for the 9pm timeslot, when a lot of normal viewers would have tuned in. The Foley-Cena segment did great but lost steam because by the time The Rock came out, the segment had dipped from a 3.71 rating to a 3.26 and lost 660,000 viewers. This decline also includes the Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger match.

The backstage segments and Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly gained 9,000 viewers while the other backstage segments, The Miz & R-Truth’s interview and Alberto Del Rio attacking CM Punk lost 133,000 viewers. Punk and Big Show vs. Del Rio and Mark Henry gained 601,000 viewers – a better increase than usual for that time slot.

The segment with Kevin Nash and Santino Marella lost 696,000 viewers while Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton lost 128,000 more. The Rock’s segment with The Miz, R-Truth and John Cena gained 1,434,000 viewers – one of the biggest gains for any segment this year. The segment finished the show with a 4.00 overrun rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Steve

    Mark Henry sells. ‘Nuff said.