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11/21 RAW Breakdown: Awesome Truth’s Overrun, Kofi vs. Barrett Loses and More

– As noted before, the November 21st post-Survivor Series RAW Supershow did a 3.20 cable rating with 4.72 million viewers. This week’s show was up in the Male teenage demographic but down in the Males 18-49 demographic. RAW this week was #2 on cable for the night behind the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots football game that did a 9.05 rating with 12.34 million viewers.

In the segment breakdown, the show opened at a 3.66 quarter rating for CM Punk’s interview and appearance by John Laurinaitis. This ended up being the high point of the show. Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio lost 882,000 viewers while Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus and the Kevin Nash segment gained 120,000 viewers. Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella and Cody’s angle with Booker T lost 104,000 viewers.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler gained 197,000 viewers, a bit weak for that part of the show, while Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett lost a whopping 485,000 viewers. The finals segment with John Cena, R-Truth and The Miz did big numbers – a gain of 1,125,000 viewers for a 3.65 overrun rating

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • ced

    goes to show you that barret will never be the guy.even after pinning orton.cody is way over.just poor booking by wwe,wat was the point of cody vs santino?

  • venom

    Ryder is clearly not a draw.

  • CC

    How is the figure for the loss on the Kingston/Barrett match considered “whopping” when the Ryder/Del Rio match lost a shit load more.

    Once again tho, looking at the ups and downs during the show and when they happened, proves they have fuck all to do with who is having a segment at the time, and more to do with whats on the other side and when people tune in.