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1980’s Wrestler Suing WWE & The McMahons, Says They Owe Him Royalties

– 80’s wrestler “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers has filed suit against WWE and the McMahons over claims that he is owed royalties for WWE using his name and likeness. Somers’ suit names WWE’s DVD on Shawn Michaels’ career and the Greatest Cage Matches of All-Time DVD.

Somers says that WWE failed to contact him and ask permission to use his name and likeness, and never made any attempt to compensate him. The lawsuit also states that Somers’ health is suffering from his pro wrestling career where he claims to have suffered more than 400 concussions, broken bones and inoperable injuries to his neck, foot, back and knee.

Somers and his partner Playboy Buddy Rose had their feud with Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety from the AWA promotion featured on several WWE DVD’s and WWE Classics On Demand.

  • CM Mark

    It’s not the WWE’s fault that perty boy can’t take a bump the right way.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    There is no chance he has had all those injuries, he would be dead! He just wants his name heard and $$$

  • Lobo-Tony

    If the contract/agreement he had with the AWA didn’t explicitly define his perpetual image rights, then he has a case. That said, I wouldn’t wish WWE’s legal team on anybody, from what I’ve read.

  • PinkSinCara

    All I have to say is: WHO?

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    400 concussions…..let us dissect this for a moment.

    NHL bigshots generally call it a career after their third serious concussion. NFL not too many more. Both leagues now where helmets. How in the blue hell did this jackass manage to wrestle, let alone live, after 400 without a helmet?

    If it smells like an ambulance, there is probably a lawyer chasing it.

  • jt

    if he really had 400+ cuncussions why didnt he go crazy like benoit did or have some kind of head condition? reason he is full of shit and bitter

  • Sean Mooney

    The 400+ concussions may explain why he filed a lawsuit.

  • venom

    This has been must be broke. He should stick to the dollar menu when he goes out.

  • Steve


    You couldn’t be any more wrong. Lance Storm is still getting royalty checks from the Edge DVD.

  • BlaH

    by Bill Pritchard
    December 07, 2011
    *This is done as an editorial for entertainment purposes only. Drink at your own discretion.

    While I enjoy watching professional wrestling every week, I do find myself saying that the same things are happening over and over again. I’m not talking about stuff that gets heat like Vickie Guerrero saying ‘Excuse Me’, or having random promos, but there are things going on that just seem too formulaic or overdone. When I do the live blogs here on Wrestlezone, I will think to myself that I have seen that happen too many times, and to paraphrase Vince McMahon, “it’s time to shake things up again!” The whole entire show would benefit from a little refresher and I am not suggesting things dramatically change, but I would like to see a few tweaks to the WWE/TNA “formula.”

    There is a drinking game where you drink every time something happens in a certain time frame or event. Examples of this are listening to “Roxanne” by The Police and drink every time you hear the words ‘Roxanne’ or ‘red light’, or watching the Wizard of Oz and take a sip every time someone say Oz, etc. The game has been amended to include professional wrestling, and the rules are simple; you drink every time these things happen:

    WWE Raw / Smackdown

    1. Jack Swagger starts a match with a waistlock takedown

    2. Evan Bourne starts to get some offense in with kicks to his opponent’s thighs

    3. Someone starts out a match with a shoulderblock

    4. A match ends in a disqualification, or has a pinfall due to interference

    5. A Divas match lasts less than three minutes (Drink twice if the introductions are longer than the match itself)

    6. A match is made where a Superstar will face “this man…” and that man turns out to be Big Show, Mark Henry or Randy Orton

    7. Twitter is plugged by an announcer or Superstar (Drink twice if they try to get something to trend during the broadcast)

    8. A Superstar refers to the fans as the WWE Universe

    9. John Cena gets called controversial

    10. CM Punk breaks kayfabe in a promo

    11. Michael Cole makes fun of an announcer/superstar, or kisses up to the Miz

    12. Michael Cole calls a move by the wrong name

    13. WWE shows a “Did You Know?” statistic

    14. Booker T says one of his announcing “catchphrases: “my boy”, “my fav five”, “aww shucky ducky…”, etc.)

    Impact Wrestling

    1. Sting says ‘Ta-ta for now’

    2. A wrestler cuts a promo and describes professional wrestling as “this business”

    3. An on-screen character takes a dig at “that other company (up north)”

    4. They use a worked shoot element for a storyline

    5. Taz uses a sexual innuendo

    6. Ric Flair calls himself God, or throws his jacket

    7. Someone gets attacked backstage

    8. A wrestler barges into another’s locker room and a fight breaks out

    9. An in-ring fight breaks out and it gets broken up by agents, then each guy breaks free again and leaps into the opposite corner to continue fighting

    10. Dixie Carter (or “TNA Management”) is referenced, or appears on screen

  • D2K

    To the best of my knowledge Doug Sommers never wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation so I don’t why his health issues due to wrestling would be Vince’s fault. Granted WWE owns the intellectual rights to the AWA now, but Verne Gagne owned the AWA when he wrestled there so any lawsuit I THINK would be directed at him. Correct?

  • Danny

    Hell they tell you that at PPVs now before the show starts. That any pics your take or your image are property of the WWE for the duration of that event. I remember turning to my friend when it was announced at Capitol Punishment.

    So obviously this guy is broke, and is only suing because he needs the money. I’m sorry, 400 concussions isn’t even possible. I work at a doctor’s office, and if you had that many concussions, if you weren’t dead you wouldn’t be sound of mind.

  • CC

    My guess is that when these guys sign with WWE/WWF, they sign away any chance of royalties. Sounds like another washed up hasbeen trying for a quick buck because he is broke and fucked up.

    A contract probably says that they are paid to perform and any footage is owned 100% by WWE, which is pretty much the standard with anyone in the sports or entertainment industry.

  • al

    400 concussions??????????? hahah wow

  • zach

    I can be seen in the crowd on the shawn michaels dvd, I never got compensated either! Im sueing you McMahon!!