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21 “WWE ’13” Downloadable Characters Announced – Ryback, Tensai, Divas, DDP

THQ announced Wednesday twenty-one downloadable characters that will be available for purchase for the WWE ’13 video game scheduled for release on Oct. 30.

WWE Superstars

* AJ Lee

* Antonio Cesaro

* Damien Sandow

* Drew McIntyre

* Layla

* Natalya

* Ryback

* Tensai

* The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)

* Yoshi Tatsu

“Attitude Era” Superstars

* Brian Pillman

* Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk)

* Diamond Dallas Page

* Gangrel

* Goldust

* Mike Tyson (pre-order bonus)

* Rikishi

* Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay)

* Val Venis

In addition, more content will be included as DLC such as Ministry Undertaker attire, Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock and John Cena’s 2004 United States Spinner Title.

  • Baz

    Too cool and Rikishi! AWESOME haven’t been this pumped for a WWE game since No Mercy 64

  • cc

    @shay r. what world are you living in that every game doesnt go the DLC route? Yeah there are still a handful that dont, but they are usually small selling games. whether it be Call of duty, Uncharted, Assassins Creed, Halo, Need for speed or 1001 other games, they are have added DLC that either should have been in the game from the start, or are actually on the disc but you need to pay extra to unlock it.
    S for the package deal, its not on the WWE shop, its on the PS network or X Box live. You pay a set fee then get all the dlc as its released in the year, and save money.

    Are you telling me that the downloadable wrestlers are any different to the extra maps for online play that most games do? Or different costumes for Sackboy in Littlebigplanet? Or the multitude of costumes and characters for Uncharted? Or the handful of challenge maps and characters for the Arkham games?

  • adam

    @shay r. Actually every game does have DLC in it for the most part. And alot of them dont offer the deal wwe games do were you pay for the fan acces or whatever they call the packs you pay 10 bucks then you get all the superstars as soon as they come out. And some of these people should of been in the game before but getting people like chainsaw charlie DDP and brian pillman will be well worth whatever extra fee there is

  • adam

    Awesome i cant wait till this comes out only a few more weeks.

  • Shay R.

    I don’t purchase my video games from the wwe shop, so a “packaged deal” would be pretty pointless. I can see if the downloadable content was something major, like a full-on expansion pack to expand gameplay. But we’re talking about a handful of added wrestlers that should have been in the game already. Can you say rip-off! And no, every game doesn’t do it.

  • Men on a Mission

    I just want to play as Gangrel because I like his entrance.

  • Mordecai

    It’s about time that The Usos make it into a WWE game! =D

  • Tyler(:

    Isn’t it funny how real Attitude Era wrestlers are DLC while Costumes and a very few different ( Gunn, Dogg and Pac ) wrestlers are included otherwise it’s just recycled legends that are in the main game.

    Talk about greed.

    I’m not saying the game will be bad though.

  • Logan

    @cc…I was just thinking about WWF (old school!) only, not wrestling in general. And you’re right The Monday Night Wars was a very big part of the Attitude Era and is the reason why I want to wrestle. Because there was NWO along came DX and wrestling became the shit. Once they started the whole “Get the F out” thing, the Attitude Era was dead.

  • pulgeezy

    The only thing better than this would be WCW vs WWF featuring ECW
    With the no mercy engine and Geo Mod Technology and Euphoria Game Engine with Unreal Engine to boot.

  • Ryan

    @Shay R. wwe actually offer a package deal when you buy the game on the shop bit its a small fee, its not even worth moaning about DLC because every game does it

  • cc

    and actually thinking about it, they used the Attitude logo right up til they changed to WWE in 2002, so DDP was with WWF during the attitude era, albeit at a time where it had started to reach its end.

  • cc

    @Logan .. you dont remember DDP from the attitude era?
    He might of been with WCW at the time, but the Monday night wars was a huge part of the attitude era, so I would have liked a few more WCW guys from that era, especially some nWo.

  • Zedd

    I really hate day one DLC but this looks awesome

  • Shay R.

    Why all of a sudden are these gaming companies trying to cash in on their fans to an excess? What the hell is buying extra wrestlers going to do for me, when I already bought the game? Talk about being greedy! I’ll buy the game, but those downloadable characters will be unreachable for me. Pure BS!.

  • j.corona

    They should of left yoshi out and put the prime time players….great roster tho

  • paul s

    Best wrestling game ever. I actually may lose friends to this

  • Bill

    Now this is a good thing!

  • nikki

    Brian Pillman out of those names this stands out

  • Logan

    Don’t really remember DDP in the Attitude Era, but YO! it’s D…D…P! I’ll get it anyways! Hopefully you’ll be able to edit his theme music to his WCW version. BANG!

  • ##

    I. want. this. game.

  • Butters

    I would trade Yoshi Tatsu for Tyson Kidd or Curt Hawkins and it’d be awesome

  • Hunter K.

    this game just got 20 million times better

  • Max

    aj should have been on the regular roster.

  • bb

    interesting ill put jerry the king and his son tag team when i get wwe 13 ps3 … anyone wnaqt fight w me add me psn bonecrusher2008…. have a nice day

  • i meant freakin

  • that is frakin awesome