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25 Moments that Defined the Attitude Era, Kelly Kelly’s New Calendar, More

– Just a reminder, Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the Books-a-Million Store this Sunday in the Fox Valley Mall at 195 Fox Valley Center in Aurora, IL, starting at 1:00pm. The appearance is limited to the first 300 fans.

– WWE posted a list of the 25 moments that defined the Attitude Era. Steve Austin “Austin 3:16” speech at the “King of the Ring” in 1996 topped the list, followed by the formation of the original D-X (HBK, Triple H, Rick Rude and Chyna), The Undertaker – Mankind “Hell In A Cell” match at “King of the Ring” in 1998 and the Mike Tyson – Steve Austin confrontation on RAW in 1998. Bret Hart “snapping” on RAW in 1997 rounded out the top 5.

– Kelly Kelly noted on Twitter that she has been shooting for her upcoming calendar this week.

  • Tam

    My favourite moment of attitude era was Jericho’s promo on Stephanie and match vs Triple H for WWF title. Crowd reaction was fantastic.

    “Spinning heel kick by Jericho.”
    “Jericho, scores with the moonsault”
    1 2 3
    “We got a new Champion!”

  • Shawn O B

    HHH shouldn’t be included in next years WM imo, but my favorite attitude era moment was when he interrupted Stephs and Tests marriage because i knew he was going to be a main player. ive pointed him out to my friends years earlier before the marriage after he left WCW like a year after (i think) at a mall and he didnt dress like a headbanger back then, i did. so… yeah id like to think i influenced him when he noticed me. lol. probably thought “that fuckin kids too young to wear a leather jacket with some kind of flannel underneath. hmm.. definitely a mark”. it was in New Hampshire,USA. he lived there so ive heard.

  • Pulgeezy

    me personally rather see the rock and john cena go at it at royal rumble than wrestlemania i really aint trying to see back to back wrestlemania matches between them. CM Punk vs. the rock makes more sense from a storyline point of view. pass the torch to cena? nah cena has been in the main event since he defeated john bradshaw layfield. also where does this leave triple h to fight with on the biggest stage of them all. i had been thinking about most of these ideas so i agree with most of these.

  • yo its me its me its joe-y d.

    Seriously tho…im surprised too… given that all the dramatic things they did back then that wouldnt be allowed now….why show it?…i love that era
    ..miss it so much….but if u cant do it now…why promote it so much then? Clearly its the only thing they can make money off of lol….idk how stone cold steve austin is going to come back….they better be promoting this stuff heavily for a big attitude era come back in a year or so…. one can only pray and wish for a big turn around….shits getting boring and needs a boot in the ass to jump start a bit…dolph also. Could have a badass attitude if they allowed it…think about it!!!!

  • haz

    Mankind beating the rock for the title on raw now that was a moment

  • mark

    It was the best time of wrestling when i was growing up. I loved the attitude era

  • Austin

    You obviously haven’t heard of WWE ’13 then

  • mike

    im shocked that they even acknowledged the attitude era to be honest