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2/6 RAW Breakdown: Punk-Jericho Segment, Triple H’s Opener and More

– As noted before, the February 6th WWE RAW Supershow did a 3.25 cable rating with 4.61 million viewers.

In the segment breakdown, the opener with Triple H started strong with a 3.62 quarter rating. Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan lost 508,000 viewers. Bryan’s promo and the taped segment with John Cena with NASCAR’s Carl Edwards gained 43,000 viewers. Sheamus vs. David Otunga lost 197,000 viewers.

The segment with CM Punk and Chris Jericho gained just 94,000 viewers – another bad showing for the 10pm timeslot. Randy Orton and The Great Khali vs. Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes lost 22,000 viewers while the eight-Divas match lost 139,000 more.

The Six Pack Challenge with Jericho vs. Punk vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston gained 443,000 viewers, finishing at a 3.42 quarter rating. This is another low number for the overrun.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jason

    Okay fair enough Venom, but to be fair I did answer your question on another post. But I will again as well for you.

    I have no idea what happened to the story with Joe, my guess would be the story was dropped because it was not getting over via the ratings. That or Russo pulled a Russo. I hope I helped answer your question this time.

    I bash WWE more because from a fans point of view (Yes I am a fan of WWE regardless of where I work) they waist more talent and screw more people over then any promotion since WCW 1999. To a degree they are worse which is kind of scary seeing as how many people in the business depend on WWE to make them a living.

  • venom

    You wouldn’t be bashing any company.

  • venom

    So that makes me a mark because I am asking questions about your company? You said you work there, and I thought you might know the answers. I never said I worked for WWE. I wish I knew the answers to your questions. If I knew somebody that worked for WWE I would ask them. You are going based on this week’s episode of Raw acting like Impact never had an episode with barely wrestling. You constantly bash WWE and talking about wrestling as whole makes no sense. Then you would be bashing any company.

  • Jason

    Steven that was what WCW said about WWF and we all saw how that ended. That type of mind set is what is killing my business, thank you for killing wrestling as a whole.

    Yeah one or two Impacts in the history of TNA as a company vs. pretty much all of 2009-2012 so far via 20 to 25 mins of wrestling on avg. Nice try mark

    Who was the GM behind the computer? Who blew up McMahon? What was the point of the HHH/Punk/Nash angle that never even got really started? I can play that game only I can find way more flaws with the WWE booking as of late then I can with TNA as a whole.

    Want to play some more?

  • stockshark28

    @Nicholas- Really your an idiot WWE fans never admit a damn thing dude your a complete fool. Damn

  • 1919dpg

    @max people aren’t more interested in promos. the problem is nobody wants to see otunga or sheamus in shitty 5 min matches.. see how the main event did gain viewers..
    in my opinion they should have given them atleast a 20 min slot. it could have easilly been done if they cut out some of the shitty backstage ”comedy” skits and the khali match.

  • Bawb


    Are you saying people are more interested in promos than wrestling matches in general or these days? I think the matches suck these days for sure, but the writing and mic skills of many of the performers have been atrocious. Back in the day, I think we loved both equally. We’d hear some great promos, some badass trash-talking. Then, we’d see it culminate in actual wrestling matches, where the heel gets what they deserved. I think there’s just a huge sense of apathy towards the product, which has become so predictable that we’d prefer hearing and hoping they trash talk and, when they don’t, it’s not worth following it up with the matches.

  • poko

    It was a pretty bad RAW, all things considered. The constant barrage of video packages absolutely killed any kind of momentum, and some of the drama building segments didn’t have much drama. I don’t even know what the hell they’re trying to accomplish with the Bryan/Show/AJ angle, for example.

    Jericho and HHH both cut excellent promos, but both were allowed to fizzle out to with weak finishes. It’s like they were telling us that it’s both too close and yet too far from WM for anything to actually HAPPEN. It was just a lot of weaksauce moments.

    With HBK and Taker scheduled for next week, hopefully we’ll get more than recaps and videos of how great John Cena is.

    Also, overruns have been bad because they’re throwing six-man matches at the end. Nothing important can happen in those. Finish strong, and the numbers will go up.

  • venom


    What about the Impact after BFG that had 8 minutes of wrestling??? Who kidnapped Joe????????

  • Nicholas

    Oh please TNA marks really live in a dream world. Was Raw great this week not really but good news is the best of Raw is still to come. At least WWE fans will admit when things are bad TNA marks they seem to have no clue.

    You know what Monday night told me. Bottom line HHH and Undertaker still got it. No matter how much the internet may hate HHH or the Undertaker these two are still one of the very best. The real wrestling fans the one outside the internet not like some of the internet fans would no what the outside world means like. With all do respect when I talk about people not living in theoutside world there are a lot of fans on the internet and you know who I am talking about seems like they do go out of the house a lot. These people are the ones who and will believe everything that they read on the internet to death. These are the same ones that hates HHH and Undertaker because they really have no clue how big of a icon these two really are to the mainstream wrrestling fans.

  • kitkrock

    All hail Chris Benoit.

  • Austin316

    I have been a fan of WWE for 16 years and I hate, HATE to say it, but WWE is dying slowly, this PG era has to go. Chris Benoit was known as a wrestler who killed himself his wife and their son, he will also be known as the man who killed the WWE, if they dont change this PG shit

  • the real wrestling god

    Don’t bother to that idiotic loser Jason he’s just being a troll. It was a bad show this week period. That’s why the ratings were what they were.

  • Steven

    I mean need to defend them.

  • Steven

    Tna will never reach wwe fame and stats. So need need to defend them. Im a wwe fan all the way!!!

  • Jason

    This weeks episode only had 19 mins of wrestling. Try and defend that all you want WWE fans but that is sad for a promotion that has 4 hours worth of programing a week.

  • Max

    fact is, people are more interested in promos and backstage segments than wrestling matches.

  • Jason

    WWE Rating go down little by little while TNA’s go up little by little. I love it