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3-3-11: TNA’s “Biggest Shocker” of the Year from iMPACT

– As noted earlier in the week, TNA was advertising their most shocking moment of the year for the end of last night’s iMPACT. The “shocker” ended up being a “3-3-11” vignette for the return of Sting, an obvious knock at WWE and their “2-21-11” vignettes. It’s interesting that TNA is trying to take a jab at WWE for possibly failing to deliver on Sting, when WWE never intended for the “2-21-11” promos to be for Sting’s debut.

Here’s the video:

  • isaiah


  • TNA has officially lost all originality. Tried doing Monday shows then took away the six-sided ring. (Not to mention there last three world champs were WWE superstars) Now they rip off the 2-21-11 promo. Here is whats next:They are going to bring in a Mexican superstar named Armando El Ricardo with his own Mexican commentators and his gimmick is goin to be driving fancy cars to the ring and give him a push.

  • elvisD

    Sting is over-rated, a legend, but over-rated, he has no pull in ratings, undertaker is old, broken and needs to retire now! TNA could say na na na na boo boo we have Sting!! Who cares, his time is over, he hasn’t put on a decent match in ages and he’s running on his legacy and name like Hogan, which both needs to be put on rest. The sooner the dinosaurs leave and pass the torch to the younger talent, the better the company can focus on new and upcoming mid carders that have waiting at the kiddie pool for their chance at the main event,

  • slim

    TomC lol Kevin nash isn’t the focal point of WWE. Hell, i haven’t even seen him. Booker is an announcer, big deal. The Rock isn’t wrestling and Austin is doing a tv show. But you knew all that. Your arguments fail as usuall.

  • slim

    @MJ…they may be getting talked about on the internetz, but nobody watches their show.

  • slim

    @ cena, They already tried that, remember?

  • mj


  • smokey

    the dead man and triple h is back in wwe and sting is coming back to tna end of story….

  • i think wwe and tna should fight 2 c which one is the better brand

  • all tna fans r dum asses because they realy think tna is good.TNA just ripedoff my fav wwe superstars promo, did u ever stop 2 wonder they did this right after undertaker came back, i realy think WWE should go over 2 TNA and kick all of there asses.TNA is made up of old washed up former WWE superstars trying to compet with the #1 show in the world plane and simple FUCK TNA

  • TomC

    @Joe … agree with you completely

  • TomC

    Oh yah “M” .. just like WWE took a page right out of TNA’s playbook by trying to bolster ratings by bringing back some “oldies” (i.e. Booker T, Nash, Rock, Trish, Austin)

    Honestly, the one-sided hypocrisy here is often baffling.

  • M

    Ridiculous on the part of TNA. They didn’t have to steal WWE’s promo that the used for the Undertaker, then again, they have proved that they can’t think for themselves.

  • kpnuttzlol

    Oh well if it is Sting looks like we don’t have to watch TNA till 2012 since its “the shocker of the year”.

  • Joe

    Anyone who can’t see that the 3-3-11 video is a PARODY, which seems to include a lot of people on this website is stupid.

    I really wish Sting would’ve gone to WWE. I guess he’s happy always being the big fish in a small pond. I love TNA, but it’s not quite the worldwide phenomenon that WWE is, obviously. Hopefully one day it’ll get there.

  • The Crow

    I guess they couldn’t afford the old shack this is soooo sad TNA come on really wow couldn’t come up with something new.

  • oxslangshoot

    corey wtf are you talking about, are you high on meth? this has nothing to do with anything?

  • I’ll say it again. Why does WWE put stock into the Undertaker? He is so yesterdays news and cutting that promo for an injury prone Undertaker who is already apart of the WWE roster is a joke. Even a new comer would have been better. I mean by the time the Undertaker gets to the ring you can have two matches, WWE STOP WASTING TIME WITH THE UNDERTAKER. And TNA’s production value sucks, I’m digging the product but they need better production as Hulkster had the nerve to put down the segment with the Rock bad mouthing Cena, news flash people have been saying Cena sucks long before the Rock pointed it out. Hulk should worry about TNA in making it better. This was lame, if Sting goes back to TNA this would be a bad career move for him. WWE would offer him more money, he’d be working on the greatest stage of them all in that of WRESTLEMANIA and he would have satisfied his fans. TNA doesn’t have as many fans, and SPIKE TV doesn’t support wrestling, they have already destroyed ECW and WWE left them way back when, SPIKE shows little support, don’t believe me? Why is it that it’s now only on once a week? TNA use to be on Thursday’s and Saturday mornings, now they have infomercials and repeats of hyping up UFC events. SPIKE will be the final down fall of TNA. Sting should have signed with WWE, would have been the smart move, he doesn’t have many miles to go in his tank, he has a family, Vince would know what to do with him, TNA doesn’t.

  • oxslangshoot

    only tna would brag about having sting, still cant do anything with MEM

  • oxslangshoot

    who really give a fuck about sting 😀 he is way too old



  • my2cents

    i for one think its funny for tna to do that wwe does it so wth is the difference and maybe tna has there bad matches ect so does wwe hell you can stop watching wwe for 2 months come back same old stuff and as for tna 8 years ago what much did you hear of them they come a long way give them time vinny’s pockets are way deepers then theres

  • WWE Champion

    Is everyone here really that dumb? It’s obviously TNA’s way of saying “We have Sting and WWE does not”. Morons.

  • TomC

    TNA could DEFINITELY be a lot better, no argument from me whatsoever. If I were advising TNA, I would urge them to take a look back over the last 9+ years at what worked best … in my opinion:

    – The X-Division
    – Definable Tag Teams
    – LESS PPVs throughout the year – with more development on conflicts/grudge situations
    – A Women’s Division that did not only consist of 4-5 participants
    – Taking the TIME to DEVELOP characters, conflicts and storylines

    Personally, I never liked the six-sided ring … it was too small and limiting (in my opinion). Many liked it, though – so I don’t know for sure about that one.

    Also, at this point, TNA needs to take a lesson form WCW and GET OUT OF THE STUDIO and take Impact ON THE ROAD. Sure, they may have to start in smaller arenas and venues … but remember, RAW started in the relatively small Manhattan Center way back when.

    One of the major problems isn’t so much the storylines themselves, it’s that TNA rushes through them so damn fast. There is hardly any time to DEVELOP the characters, the conflicts … the grudge matches … the good v bad dichotomy. Stop WORRYING about the competition and worry about YOUR OWN stories and presentation.

    Bischoff and Hogan don’t bother me as much as they, apparently, do many others – which I really can’t figure out. In my opinion, it was Ted Turner’s bipolar business sense that eventually led to the demise and selling of WCW (though admittedly, I haven’t watched the “Demise of WCW” DVD). Bichoff built WCW into something that eventually became a powerhouse … and Hogan has the historical experience of when pro-wrestling was on the steep rise (insofar as the various elements that helped that rise).

  • slim

    Thank god i didn’t stay up till midnight to see the “shocking moment” lolz

  • slim

    TomC tell the truth. TNA is really lame right now. They try to hard.

  • TomC

    Truthi writes:
    “How could a company that wants to be taken seriously think that putting out something so cheap looking was a good idea?”

    I dunno, why don’t you ask WWE ?

  • Truthiness

    Aside from the Sting issue and everything, that video looks like crap. How could a company that wants to be taken seriously think that putting out something so cheap looking was a good idea?

  • Tyler

    well we saw undertaker as well as Triple H return on 2-21-11 an not sting its a good chance that this is Sting blue lights an a staircase coming down from rafters

  • stockshark

    Don’t lie now you know damn well that you all though it was Sting coming in to the WWE in the first set of 2-21-11 promo’s!!! I call BullShiitt!!! We can all go back and look at all of you comments from back then!! JUST BE HONEST!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Its ture it damn true!!

  • adam

    also there guest stars really angelina calling out J-woww that is really important to have on a wrestling show isnt it. And taz showed me why what i said earlier is right tna has the worse announcers of anyone ever. He is a middle line baker he can do whatever he wants.

  • adam

    No tna needs to stop taking jabs at wwe until they are in WWE’s league. Right now its like the little brother thing. WWE will let them talk shit beat them once or twice but once they start getting to full of themselves WWE will show them who number one really is.

  • Eric Nixon


    I think it’s you who is stupid. The appeal of Sting in WWE was that he’s never worked for WWE. He’s been with TNA for years; there’s really not much appeal left there.

    TNA needs to stop taking jabs at WWE. It makes them look really bad, like the Busch league, second rate company they always will be until start operating like they’re the top wrestling company in the world.

  • Ronald

    I heard a bell and saw a tombstone and there was that sign! The trenchcoat and boots can only mean one thing…. UNDERTAKER! I’m serious! Also, 3 = number of gimmicks ‘Taker has had (Deadman, American Badass and Ministry!); 3 = number of organizations he’s competed in (New Japan, WCW and WWE!); 11 = number of WWF/E original championships he’s won (4 time WWF/E champ, 6 time WWF/E tag champion and 1 time WWF hardcore champ!!!!!).

    Can’t wait to see Undertaker debut in TNA at 3.3.11

  • Macel

    Damn you are all stupid… Didn’t you notice the amount of hype behind WWE’s 2-2-11 vignettes? It’s was like “WOOOOOOOOOW STIIING !!!!1!!1 THE ONE AND ONLY!!! WWE fkn pwnz!!!” …And in the end it was the Undertaker who has ALWAYS BEEN THERE.

    I think this is a very cool jab coming from TNA, now *really* for Sting.

    And btw, Sting is more a surprise than the Undertaker. Undertaker had no “jumping ship” stipulation like Sting.

  • Automattic

    I don’t know, remember all the speculation with the 2.21.11 promos. I mean just look at the boots and beard at x.xx seconds…I think it’s Shawn Michaels!

  • Valo487

    If TNA wanted to shock us, they could shut the hell up and put on a good wrestling show. That would shock the hell out of me.

  • Hodgie

    3 3 11 – All I can do is laugh! Are the powers that be in TNA that untalented that they are not able to come up with an original idea of there own? I mean seriously, with childish efforts like this they will never be anything more then a second rate company.

  • slim

    TNA, stop trying to be WWE.

  • slim

    LOL total nonstop lameness

  • rick

    This is obviously The Undertaker