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Batista Says MMA Deal Is Dead, Melina Worried About Tonight’s Draft

— Former WWE Champion Batista told over the weekend that his deal with Strikeforce fell through when UFC purchased the mixed martial arts organization last month.

He stated that he’s “really disappointed” with how things turned out, adding, “I really had my heart set on Strikeforce.”

— Melina stated today on her Twitter account that she’s worried about tonight’s WWE Draft on Monday Night Raw. She recalled past years of being torn away from people she’s close to due to the annual affair.

“Tonight is Raw. Very nerve racking,” she wrote. “Thinking of Drafts in the past & I always hated getting torn away from John & Jillian. I miss my Jillo!”

— This Saturday, Christian appears from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Petsmart 12835 Citrus Plaza Tampa, Florida. More information is available through (813)-830-7251.

  • SmackDown the A Show

    Screw Melina, crying like a little bitch when she gets drafted. Her ass is going to get released. Why she’s still in WWE puzzles me, she needs to go.

  • Thumper!

    i like to take it up the ass from big black nigger dick

  • shawn

    venom will never be the same!

  • Mike

    Awww poor Batista waaah waaah waaaah….i bet you had a spotlight and sat on a chair in the ring and cried your eyes out again., BOOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO……..

  • JIR

    Batista should join MFC and under perform like Lashley did

  • someone

    What about batista maineventing SD! once again, he may be the top babyface that WWE needs!

  • venom

    I wasn’t the one that said let’s bet.

  • venom

    See told you that loser will post.

  • Thestar

    Batista return would be great espically with the departure of edge

  • CC

    I thought Shatista was looking at trying to build an acting career as well. He should go talk to Kurt Angle as he doesnt seem to believe people need acting ability to be in his films.

  • venom

    I bet Batista will return tonight! Anyone wanna take that bet!

  • venom

    pathetic if you think your the only 1 who gets venom. shut the hell up kid and get penetrated by your dad and uncle

  • venom

    I’m sure the fake venom will be posting soon. It’s a shame that some people can’t live their own lives and have to pretend to be somebody else. Internet bullies these days.

  • venom

    A Batista return would be nice. He left as one of the biggest heels. Batista got hurt a lot in a fake sport. I’m sure he would get hurt a lot more in a real sport.

  • Some Random Guy

    With how things are going between JoMo and Melina one may be going to Smackdown. And I hope it’s Melina.

  • rob

    i’d welcome back batista with open arms. he didnt sham the fans or anything, the only people he may have pissed off was wwe management.

    I would like to see him return and batista bomb out of his Nexus wanna be

  • lew

    anybody think batista may possibly be at raw tonight for the draft

  • someone

    @Bill Yep, I’m scared, but excited at the same time!

  • Bill

    Hey, remember when one of the columns here said that Batista would return? By god, that may actually happen.

  • CC

    Obviously UFC have more sense than Strikeforce as they dont want his death on their hands.

  • me

    i love how no one gives a fuck about batista lol

  • Rucdogg

    (Phone ringing)
    “This is Vince, what can I do for you?”
    “Vince, its Dave. Man I sure miss….hello? hello? Vince you there?”

  • kpnuttzlol

    Melina need not to worry about the draft, just the impending releases.

    Well theres always TNA or WWE open for Batista. I think MMA was out of his league a bit anyway

  • Jason

    @ Mike

    I second that thought. All in favor say I.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    How about WWE draft Melina to the unemployment line?

  • mickeymulvey

    is raw 3 hours tonite???