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Jimmy Yang Gets Paid After Check Bounces, Melina Valets Eric Young

— Jimmy Yang announced Monday on Twitter that he received payment from TNA Wrestling after performing for the organization in late June.

He wrote, “Woo Woo Woo finally got paid i guess better late then never.”

Yang complained recently on Twitter that a check issued to him by the organization bounced when he attempted to deposit into his banking account. He was called “unprofessional” by an office employee for drawing attention to the matter.

— In her first post-WWE appearance, Melina managed Eric Young at Saturday’s Family Wrestling Entertainment event in New York City. She led the TNA star to victory as he captured the FWE Heavyweight Championship in a three-way match against Charlie Haas and Jay Lethal.

— SoCal Val is advertised to appear at the Frank & Son Collectible Show (located on 19649 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, California) on Saturday, September 24 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Visit for more information.

  • Jay

    Melina is terrific, whats your problem?

  • venom

    I thought Melina would be following Mike Knox to the ring. lol.

  • adam

    If she was really that good and most of the stuff of her being a distraction werent true why did the wwe not think twice about releasing her. I know they made mistakes with dropping mickie and tara but this one i agree with. JOhn morrison’s carrer is of more importants then hers at this moment because he can be a face of a company melina can’t. Also i call her talentless because if you compare her to natlya or beth phenoix i would take either of those two over her. NOw compare her to kelly and the bellas i would take melina but those 3 dont cause drama backstage so you would have to lean towards the ones who are drama free. She was good but she wasnt as good as she thought she was. Gail on the other hand who was dropped i would rather have kelly and the bellas realsed just so they would of kept gail kim. Melina wasnt that good she was alright. BUt she is replacable. But most divas nowadays are excpet the ones i mentioned in Phenoix and Natyla.

  • Camille

    @adam You’re an idiot. Everything you know you learned from dirt sheets. That stuff isn’t true, and Bret Hart considers Melina a fantastic wrestler and I think when it comes to wrestling ability I will go with Bret Hart’s opinion over yours.

  • :O

    How can you call melina a talentless barbie doll :L

  • adam

    I guess you never heard that she slept with half the wwe locker room and thats part of the reason she got fired cause she was a HUGE distraction to Morrison. I aint sexist if its actual women wrestlers like natlya beth phenoix mickie james tara and trish then yea i have all the respect in the world for them. But if its just the little barbie dolls that have 0 skill like kelly kelly melina and eve then ya call em like i see em.

  • Matt

    adam stfu you sexist idiot

  • adam

    @tyler. Its all because of melina she told hass and lethal if they let eric win she will sleep with them.

  • Tyler(:

    Eric Young beat Charlie Haas AND Jay Lethal? LOL? I know it’s only a indy show but… LOL?

  • Valo487

    What CC said. How dare he get upset that he wasn’t paid for his efforts, especially from an organization that likes to brag that they appreciate their talent.

  • Jason

    Jimmy Yang you’re saying Woo Woo Woo ? That’s gimmick infringement. THAT’S unprofessional LOL J/K

  • CC

    “He was called “unprofessional” by an office employee for drawing attention to the matter.”

    Of course thats the most unprofessional thing to do. I mean, its not like bouncing cheques is unprofessional is it .. twats.