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Forer WWE writer Andrew Goldstein pulled no punches in a recent interview with PWTorch.com, naming 3MB as the superstars WWE should release as part of their main roster talent cuts.

“It’s just like, you know, hire locals. Why do we have to trop these guys out? To me, they’re not so entertaining. Apparently, the redhead (Heath Slater), he’s very well-liked backstage,” he said.

“Every week, to see them get crushed by The Shield and then by Brock, and they’re like the new jobbers. They’re main roster guys and they have gimmicks, but they’re basically …” Goldstein said before being cut off.

Goldstein had worked as part of the WWE writing team in 2006.

  • Botswana Jones

    Except I can’t think of the last time 3MB actually won.

  • king god hades

    The brooklyn brawler

  • StocktonJoe

    Agreed. I’d even go a step further. A really GOOD jobber is worth his/her weight in gold – makes his opponent look good, and looks good enough to actually “win on any given night”. And if “creative” is good, no, if they are competent – AND if TPTB let them – then the good jobber wins just enough matches to BE the “competitor who can win on any given night”. Otherwise, it’s like the local jobbers they rolled out for Verne Gagne and Baron von Rashke back in the 60′s.

    A GOOD jobber makes your “superstar” look just that much better. A jobber who ALWAYS loses weakens your entire product.

  • Shawn Bronald

    The new Job Squad.

  • CC

    The point of jobbers like 3MB is that there is always a chance they can pull out the odd surprising win. When you have unknowns like they did with Ryback when he first came back up to the roster, you know they are never going to win.
    Its also a way of utilising talented guys to help get others over, with a little more credibility. At least in Drew and Heath you have guys who have held belts in the past.

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