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50 Cent Talks WWE, The Rock Gaffe on ‘Are You Serious?, More

– The late Bad News Brown is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on the home page of

– Embedded below is the latest episode of “Are You Serious?,” which features a gaffe from The Rock.

– USA Today published an article about rapper 50 Cent discussing what boxing can learn from WWE. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“(We should) use some of the theatrics that you see in WWE and bringing them into a sport that doesn’t have a question mark — we know boxing is real. We don’t say ‘is that real?’ like wrestling. If you add those different elements to it you can offer something that would be entertaining enough to watch the entire show.”

  • Vic

    The reason it may sound like he is “mumbling”, is because when he was shot 9 times, one of the nine bullets struck him in the jaw. Try having being shot in the the jaw and see if you can talk the same asshole. GGGGGGGG-UNIT!!!!!

  • peep this

    50 cent… hummm let’s see 200 million dollars raised for cheers films. street king energy drink, SMS audio. Chrysler paid him 250k to put the new 300 in his number one video new day. oh and he only made 400million when coke bought vitiman water. the guy also sold 40 million records. I think that’s a dam good resume like him or not he’s good at business. so his comments may seemed sacked but he’s looking to grow his boxing promotion people are talking.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    And even mumbling he’s still more famous and richer than you’ll ever be. 🙂

    On topic, though. I agree. Boxing could use more theatrics. *Punch, punch punch, dodge punch, hug for awhile* Get’s old after awhile. 😛

  • Break it down

    50 cent can talk? I thought he could only mumble?


    with fights like that you don’t need theatrics


    Anyone who thinks boxing is boring is a fucking moron last nights fight with Pacquiao vs Marquez was an exciting amazing fight it was back and forth and full of action that ended in dramatic fashion it was like a Rocky movie fights like that are why i love boxing

  • mtlhitman

    He released two mixtape since he last album and about 5 or 6 movies and just release a new song with eminem and another dude so he is still around and making money.

  • chris benoit

    he never does cds but his more revent than u

  • Buttercastle

    When’s the last time 50 Cent was even relevant?

  • Robinson

    I think he ment more of the lighting and theatrics is what he was talking about. Boxing is boring as fuck no matter what they do IMO

  • Albert

    So what your saying is that they should maybe stage a boxing match?

    “You hit me first and then ill go ontop and just when everyone thinks its over knock me out with an uppercut!”

    Faaak U