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615,000 Viewers At WEC 53, Final Event Of The Promotion

World Extreme Cagefighting held their final event, WEC 53, before merging with the UFC where it definitely went out with a bang in the cage, and it seems as though the promotion didn’t do to bad in the ratings department either.

That makes WEC 53: Henderson vs. Pettis the third straight WEC event to recieve an increase in viewership, which made WEC 53 the seventh highest rated event in the promotion’s history.

The last ever WEC event (WEC 53) took place in Gledale, Arizona which brought the promotion to a close as they will be merging with the number one promotion in mixed martial arts, the UFC, in January.

WEC 53 drew 615,000 viewers which is the most watched WEC event since WEC 46 that brought in 640,000 viewers where Henderson recieved the undisputed WEC lightweight title over previous championship holder Jamie Varner.

Recent WEC ratings include:

WEC 53 (Henderson vs. Pettis): 615,000 viewers
WEC 52 (Faber vs. Mizugaki): 570,000 viewers
WEC 51 (Aldo vs. Gamburyan): 486,000
WEC 50 (Cruz vs. Benavidez II): 316,000
WEC 49 (Varner vs. Shalorus): 324,000
WEC 48 (Aldo vs. Faber): n/a (aired on PPV)
WEC 47 (Bowles vs. Cruz): 373,000 viewers
WEC 46 (Varner vs. Henderson): 640,000
WEC 45 (Cerrone vs. Ratcliff): 330,000
WEC 44 (Brown vs. Aldo): 414,000
WEC 43 (Cerrone vs. Henderson): 419,000
WEC 42 (Torres vs. Bowles): 670,000
WEC 41 (Brown vs. Faber II): 1,300,000
WEC 40 (Torres vs. Mizugaki): n/a
WEC 39 (Brown vs. Garcia): 531,000
WEC 38 (Varner vs. Cerrone): 702,000
WEC 37 (Torres vs. Tapia): 671,000
WEC 36 (Faber vs. Brown): 497,000
WEC 35 (Condit vs. Miura): 423,000
WEC 34 (Faber vs. Pulver): 1,540,000