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Abdullah the Butcher on WWE Picking Him for the HOF, His Style and More

– Soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher will be appearing on Main Event Radio today. Here are some highlights of the pre-taped interview:

Getting the call from WWE:
“They called me about a month ago. When they called me I was sleeping and they told me they want to put me in the Hall of Fame; I jumped up and said just a minute. I ran to the bathroom really fast, started putting water on my face, started smacking my face. I ran back and he says ‘This is Johnny Ace, we want to put you in the Hall of Fame.’ I thought I was dreaming. I’m the one who started hardcore. I started hardcore on Johnny Rougeau, the Rougeau brothers, Maurice [Mad Dog] Vachon, and my manager Eddie “The Brain Creatchman.

I was in the business for many years. I scared a lot of people but they all liked me. I was not expecting it when they told me they were going to induct me into the Hall of Fame. They left me for last because I am #1. They left me for the last because I was the only one left.”

Why he never wrestled for WWE:
“The guys in the wrestling business, when you’re a top man and you’re drawing a lot of money, they don’t want the promoter to bring you in so they started to make up a lot of stories about Abdullah the Butcher. They told Vince don’t bring him in because he’s going to stab people with a fork, he’s going to do this, he’s going to do that.”

Wrestlers using his hardcore style over the years:
“It’s not the point that somebody tries to take your style. If you look a at Mercedes Benz style, now you’ve got other cars who started looking the same way. They’re trying to sell cars. The guys who are trying to do what I used to do, they’re trying to draw people. It’s the same reason I did it. I’ll never retire though…I’ll keep going. I started in 1961, 50 years. I loved working with all my opponents, it was always a pleasure to wrestle. I would also like to thank the fans, a lot of people helped me get into the Hall of Fame, they wrote into WWE asking for me. Thank you very much and may God bless you all.”

  • Regina

    All I can say is it is about damn time the WWE got Abdullah the Butcher into the Hall of Fame where he belongs. If anyone deserves a hall of fame spot it is this guy. As kid, I loved seeing him wrestle in the old WCCW and his epic matches with the late Bruser Brody. For those who have never seen him wrestle, I highly advise hitting up YouTube to watch some of his more classic matches. Congrats to the Butcher!