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Abraham Washington Angry With Linda McMahon, Rips WWE For Double Standards

After WWE unceremoniously terminated A.W.’s contract Friday for what a company spokesman said was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after uttering a rape joke on the July 30 episode of Raw, the All World Promotions chief posted a barrage of vitriolic messages on Twitter blistering his former employer for what he perceives are double standards.

A.W. strongly feels it is unjust that he’s now out of job when Big Show made a similar remark referencing NBA player Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case, Vince McMahon reneged WWE’s anti-bullying campaign two months ago on Raw by ridiculing Jim Ross’ facial paralysis, CM Punk told a fan on Twitter to kill himself, Triple H simulated mock sex with a mannequin in a casket, McMahon used a racial epithet on national television, and the company showcased a character making light of mentally challenged individuals, among other unsavory events. Fans comments he posted include: “VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???”

“McMahon is a hypocrite! It’s cool for him to mock JR’s Bells Palsy, & you aren’t cut any slack for one joke? #BeAStarVince.”

“I hope Vince hasn’t forgot How he mocked @JRsBBQ on #RAW live, and @AWPromotions gets released for one joke?”

“@if only you had strangled someone with your tie, you’d be back within 6 months lol.”

“so Dx can tell everyone to suck it but u can’t make a joke?”

“@CMPunk told one of his twitter followers to kill themselves. biggest double standard in the world.”

“@kane has sex with a dead girl but @AWPromotions makes a kobe joke and gets fired.”

“Vince can kick the leg out from under a one legged kid, wrestle women, mock The mentally retarded and he fired you!!!”

“@Didn’t Big Show make a Kobe Bryant reference in a battle rap with Cena in 2003 … but AW gets let go?”

A.W. feels he is a casualty of Linda McMahon’s Republican pursuit of a United States Senate seat in Connecticut, which many have speculated has led the sports-entertainment organization to take action on any matter deemed controversial so as not to affect her campaign.

He tweeted to Linda, “Creates jobs my ass!! I’m fired thanks to you and your campaign.”

  • SYM

    I agree with WWE for firing him. Needed to be done.

  • Mongo

    Let’s face it he really got fired because he couldn’t stop a monkey from barking on live tv.

  • ICE

    damn vince mcmahon’s company has gone downhill ever since linda mcmahon started her political campaign, where’s your balls vince? plummeting stock prices and decreasing ppv buys aren’t big enough signs that your wife’s campaign is sabotaging the company?

  • chronoxiong

    I agree with AW the whole way. He has a point and the WWE are just big hypocrites right now. How come Lawler is still employed even though he constantly jokes about Vickie’s weight? It’s bs!

  • No Name Required

    I wasn’t saying they wouldn’t hire him because he’s making remarks about WWE I was saying it’s because of the combination of that and the lawsuit. The last thing TNA wants to do is ruin their credibility by having superstars bash their former employees. Personally if the lawsuit wasn’t going on I wouldn’t care what the hell TNA let their talent say.

  • Bill

    F*ck yeah, AW! Now I really wish he was back!

  • Buttercastle

    It’s all about how far the people upstairs are willing to let you go. Rape is a very sensitive subject no matter how or when you “make jokes” about it. It’s an ongoing problem that millions of women suffer from every day. On one hand he did say he was sorry and didn’t mean for it to offend, but on the other hand it’s like someone saying a 9/11 joke and then saying it wasn’t meant to be harmful. Everyone has their own limits on what they find humorous and what they find offensive and with this new PG era you gotta really watc what you say with all the kids in the crowd now.

    Did I agree with him gettig fired? No they coulda suspended him or something. But again all he did was wear a mic and make me mute my tv when he was on, there are surely more people who can fit that role.

  • ChrisDV

    @ No Name Required

    Why not? It’s all he’ll do once he signs with TNA anyway.

  • No Name Required

    I really like A.W., which is why I wish he hadn’t done this. TNA could benefit from someone who can talk like him, but I don’t see them hiring him while the lawsuit is going on if he’s making damning remarks against WWE.

  • Pete

    Most the kids wouldnt of known what he was on about so i dont see why they would be upset

  • Damien Phoenix

    I actually thought the Kobe joke was kinda funny, no need to fire a man for something stupid, TNA doesn’t punish or fire people for them saying what they want or defending themselves, but WWE does those this all the time and it’s kinda annoying. WWE is a bunch of hypocrites I swear.

  • mark

    Maybe he would have got away with it in the attitude era. But its a PG product with loads of kids watching. You cant make a joke like that on tv and expect no repercussions. Maybe it will teach others to keep their mouth shut.

  • tha don

    he makes good points.

  • yofits

    I’ve been saying it al along.

    AW was a great character.
    He will be missed.

  • Bawb

    Who cares if it was a different era? He made one fucking mistake and he apologized for it and he STILL gets fired, even though other people get leeway. This is bullshit. He’s 100% right about everything he says. It’s more black and white than how everyone in this forum is treating it. DX reunites and tells everyone to “suck it” during the 1000th episode, a reference to getting their, pardon me, DICKS sucked, and that isn’t deemed inappropriate? The Kobe Bryant joke by the Big Show is a perfect excuse for him to get riled up–and that was said DURING the actual controversy. We’re almost a decade later and they get all PC about it? How do you even know he was seriously implying the act of rape and not Kobe’s womanizing, which he apparently is still doing if you’ve read the tabloids.

    This was a BAD move. Suspension, alright. But to let him go from his job? Double-standard to the extreme.

  • Wellsy


    Completely agree. He’s comparing apples and oranges when going back to 2003. It’s a completely different product now. You can’t say things like that anymore and get away with it.

    If you want to take risks, you have to be smart about it and have to be in a position where, if it goes wrong, firing you isn’t the easy option. CM Punk has got himself there. As has Orton. HHH is virtually untouchable. AW however is easily replaceable. You don’t take risks like that when you’re in that position.

    AW lost his job because he lacks common sense. He can try and make as many excuses as he likes, but it won’t get him rehired. The only point he has is Vince’s hypocrisy when mocking JR’s Bell’s Palsy. But common sense would tell you that the boss can do what the frickin’ hell he likes.

  • Oi

    Alot of the references AW made are from a different “era” in WWe where they had no problem pushing the limits. Now as for VKM mocking JR, it was wrong. But who’s going to fire Vince? WWE and their anti bullying campaign is pretty bogus if you remember last year they created controversy for mocking Sinn Bodhi, Vito Lograsso and many more…..Whats done is done AW wasnt established in the biz and got fired…. Sucks but I thought it was funny!

  • CM Punk puts asses in seats????????? , are you fucking kidding ?????????, he is one time fluke , is boring more than Cena , all what he have to say , is repetitive (I’m the best in the world , we got it ass hole, the only time I enjoyed Punk when he was a Heel on SES and the Money in the bank feud with cena last year , after turning to face , he’s just another wwe schmuck,

  • 3117

    you fire AW for an kobe joke, but you constantly fed Michael Cole fat jokes bout Vickie. WWE is beyond double sided. Contradict a bully campaign weekly, yet smother freedom of speech for an certain failure of an 2nd campaign try.

  • bigsam

    good riddance! hashtag seeya sucker

  • Calvin Curiouson

    When did Kane have friction with a dead girl? Any good links to that porn o?

  • This is way off topic but I just watch wwe exclusive and bookert cancel sheamus and del rio for world title. Sorry but I just wanted to post that and also AW is right; plus if he was to be fired wwe should have fired him the day after he made that joke.

  • PinkSinCara

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this for weeks to come, but everything A.W. says is true. At least this will temporarily distract “reporters” from what Ken Doane is bitching about

  • StocktonJoe

    Go down the list of people he mentions.

    Vince owns the company – he can do whatever he damn well wants to.

    DX – wildly popular, put asses in seats night after night, one member of DX is Vince’s son-in-law.

    CM Punk – one of the best they’ve got right now. It’s a broken record, but he puts asses in seats. People pay to see him.

    Kane – Kane may be one of the most valuable people on the WWE roster. He comes out night after night. Puts on a good show. Is good as both a Monster Heel and a Face. Has no problem jobbing to people and putting them over (and while people put down jobbers, a good one is worth his weight in gold), and yet is believable wearing a belt.

    Sorry, but AW simply isn’t in their league. And part of that is that they CAN get away with stuff he can’t. Double Standard? Maybe. Probably. And, that’s the way the world works. Get over it.

  • angel z

    thats why wwe product sucks big time. dilusion on their part

  • ant

    Well, let’s think about this. Vince McMahon owns the company, and CM Punk makes him a ton of money. Most of the rest happened years ago. You, however, can be quickly and easily replaced–that is, if they even want to replace you.

    Gee, I dunno AW, I can’t understand why there would be a double standard.

    Do you really think capitalism works on some kind of fairness system? Personally, I would have fired you, too. No, not specifically for the Kobe joke, but because you seem to lack common sense. How the hell could you not know that was a stupid thing to say in the current WWE environment? Did you really not get the “PG Era” memo? Making a lame joke is one thing, being completely oblivious is another. You brought your firing upon yourself.

  • Cobra

    Big Show:”You’re the white girl, and I’m Kobe Bryant” lmao
    I forgot all about that!

  • greg

    give the guy his job back, this economy already sucks

  • The Awesome One

    guess he isint coming back anytime in the future lol

  • Matt

    I agree 100% with the guy. He has the guts to defend himself against hypocrit wwe.