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- WWE creative writers are contemplating repackaging Wade Barrett and giving him a strong push. The English grappler has not appeared on television since last month, following multiple losses to Daniel Bryan.

- The official YouTube account of WWE has released a WWE ’13 video simulating an episode of Raw. This week, a Money in the Bank Ladder Match and United States Championship Fatal 4-Way highlight the show. Appearances by “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Goldberg are teased.

0 Absent WWE Star Possibly Being Repackaged, WWE 13 Raw Simulation, Snitsky

- Former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky has been announced to face Kory Kincaid and JJ Sanchez in a Handicap Match on October 12 in Selkirk, Manitoba, for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

(source: F4WOnline.com)

  • CC

    ha ha, an internet tough guy. oh I am crying myself to sleep at night worried that your boring repetitive arse will one day find me .. get a life.
    Three times under this news story you posted similar things like you have some kind of ultra hatred for Barrett.
    You say I say smart ass things and think I would not say it to your face, yet here you are constantly slagging of Barrett when we know that if you met him, you would probably kiss the ground he walked on, all the while pissing your pants.
    Difference with me and you is I have stepped into a wrestling ring and trained with a former WWE star. What have you done wrestling related? play with dolls?

  • what?

    Excuse me I thought it didn’t post the first time .but now I grow very tired of you always having something smart to say I don’t care if this gets me ban from here your a asshole prick on the internet of course I’ve dealt with punks like you I bet face to face your a bitch Mr know it all

  • Steve Holsten

    No, because some high up the totem pole likes him.

  • CC

    yeah yeah we get it, you find him boring. you know what else is boring? someone posting the same comment over and over again that they find someone boring.

  • CC

    yeah, cause its not possible to push more than one person at a time is it

  • truth hurts

    I have an idea for what they can do with Wade Barrett. They could have him help out Daniel Bryan with the help of Justin Gabriel, Heath Slator, David Otunga, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, and Alex Riley and reform the Nexus. They can feud with Triple H, Randy Orton, Big Show, and the Shield.

  • what?

    I myself think wade is rather boring to watch he has no personality just plain bland he’ll end up like drew McIntyre

  • JohnCena33

    He should be a british version of stone cold.

  • my op

    Waste a repackage on him again yet you got ziggler who is way better or kofi truth miz to name a few typical wwe tho

  • ddfindl

    He was being groomed for it until he dislocated his elbow right before the WrestleMania where he was due to win the MITB

  • what?

    I think the guy is rather boring seeing him wrestling is like watching paint dry I believe he’ll end up like drew McIntyre nowhere

  • Scooter

    Logically he should have been, no knock on D-Bryan but Wade was the top heel in the company at one point and made an immediate impact with nexus.
    WWE totally fucked up the guy, I reckon if he was to turn face and make the save for D-Bryan then challenge Del Rio it’d be worth seeing.

    He wouldn’t even need to change his character that much, he would simply need to say as a fighter himself, the idea of someone not getting a fair fight disgusted him.

  • what?

    Yeah I remember a few people telling me that wade would be champion way before Daniel Bryan all I can say is ha really?

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