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Most Absurd Champions, Daniel Bryan Nominated, Boogeyman News

– Daniel Bryan is nominated in peta2?s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Contest. Information on voting for Bryan can be found here.

– The Boogeyman is the latest addition to the WWE Alumni section of the official WWE website.

– WWE has added another list on their website looking at the most absurd champions ever. Some of the names include David Arquette, Vince Russo, Mr. McMahon and Harvey Wippleman, amongst others.

  • scooter

    He’ll win know why?
    “Because once you go bryan aint no point in tryin”


    Boogeyman was already in Alumni section .

  • voice of reason

    @ man that’s cool don’t worry.

  • Man

    @voice of reason:I meant yofits

  • Man

    The guy above me always makes stupid comments. Usually all he says is ”fatt lardy will not diet”. Im suprised he has changed it to an even more idiotic comment.

  • voice of reason

    i loved the boogeyman with the worm eating for which i had to always turn away eewww gross but the charecter was always an unknown & always made the show interesting i say bring him back.

  • yofits

    Great Khali is the best world champion since HBK in 2002.

  • Little Jimmy

    The Boogeyman was entertaining as hell, he was pretty bad in ring wise but I loved his schtick. Nursery Rhymes, Worm eating & slamming a clock on his head. Even eating Jillian’s “growth” that shit was funny. I’d love for him to return and have a angle with Vickie Guerreo. Singing the wheels on the bus go round and round! YES YES YES! That would be all my birthdays come into one. Or a feud with R-Truth, Because Boogeyman scares Little Jimmy & Little Jenny.

  • Robinson

    I dont really remember the boogeyman ever wrestling lol

  • ant

    Mr Mcmahon made a good ECW Champion in my opinion lol

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Khali better be on that list.