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New Action Movie for Steve Austin, Piper Finds Ghosts of Legends?

– As noted earlier, Roddy Piper made a guest appearance on The Biography Channel’s “The Haunting Of…” this past Saturday night. During the episode, Piper said that he discovered the ghost of Adrian Adonis.

Psychic-medium Kim Russo also said she was getting messages from different spirits around Piper. One of them, she said, was a man whose name had a strong “O” who came from a big family and who had died from a height, hinting at Owen Hart. Kim also claims to have seen the spirit of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig.

– Steve Austin noted on Twitter that he had a meeting today for a new movie. He tweeted:

“Headed into meeting for a bust ass kill em all action movie this summer. Gonna be some caddywampus ass whoopins on this sumbitch.”