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Additional Details On CM Punk Fan Attack On Raw

As reported earlier, WWE Champion CM Punk twice struck a fan while he was in the stands at the conclusion of Monday’s Raw in Sacramento, California. According to a ringside source, a fan shoved Punk, prompting the attack. Punk retaliated by backhanding a male, who may not have actually been the perpetrator. He then moved toward the person and lunged. WWE’s cameras were cutting back and forth between Vince McMahon in the ring and Punk in the crowd when the incident occurred.


  • Yes! 3X

    @DevilRising. I’ll tell you what I’d do you sad little mark. I’d defend myself against the person who assaulted me not an innocent fan who had nothing to do with it. Or just be a man and ignore it given the fact that im on live tv. Get off of Punk’s d— for just 1 second and try to think about this. The guy is an a-hole who doesn’t appreciate the fans who’ve made him a millionaire. Like I said the word ingrate best describes him.

  • Stashathan

    I happened to go to the event in Sacramento my hometown, but before the segment there were camera men and other staff running up the stands so I knew Punk was heading through the crowd… there were a few ppl running up the stands to get situated for Punk and that part of the Arena was a little dark but it could be fake idk my gf ran all the way to where punk was Ill ask her if she saw anything


    I would have busted punk over the head with what was left of my sunglasses after that just to make it even

  • Ben

    WOW, some of you are out of your mind. I’ve met Punk several times, and each time he has been a class act.

    The only time I’ve seen him be a dick, is when he is in full on heel mode and refuses to break kayfabe.

    If you watch the video, Punk is being shoved by a couple of people, and the guy he hits, accidentally elbowed Punk in the head.

    I don’t think anything will happen with Punk, but it just goes to show how riled up he can get the crowd, if he’s actually getting a physical response.

  • KingAlbert

    if you’re going to attack Punk, you’re going to get your fucking ass kicked, it’s not rocket science, these faggots can cry all you want to, it’s not assault, it’s self defense.

  • Jimbo

    Why does it seem like Punk has a new fan altercation every other week?

  • Buttercastle

    Personally I have yet to see that footage but the best way to tell if it was a work is if security was involved. Usually if the wrestlers go into the crowd they are surrounded by security even during a match. If security wasn’t involved right away (or at all) then it probably wasn’t real.

  • sdp

    I can’t really blame punk just based on the fact if someone would have pushed him hard enough he could have been sent falling down the stairs. There was a guy in gray behind the guy Punk hit that pushed him right before he retaliated clearly he thought it was the other guy though.This video is a great one taken by a fan right by the action

  • anghellic1

    i agree punk shouldn’t have attacked that dude but Fans in general have been acting very shitty lately in all sports..
    Theyre throwing shit on the field, cheering injuries, and
    shoving wrestlerd… i guess theyre forgetting their place as FANS..

  • what?

    will you people get off of punks nuts the guy is a asshole in and out of the real world .

  • Mabry

    I saw CM Punk live in Chile, and he was the coolest guy with the fans, he took pics, huged a bunch of guys, and acted really cool. But if you get hit or buged by a fan, what can you do?, things can get out of hand in a second. Am not beign a fan boy here, but shit happens. Anyone remember the old lady that treated Punk like crap a few years ago?, didnt she slap him in the face?. I havent watch the video yet so i cant tell or make an oppinion on whether its fake or real, but wrestlers must defend their selfs, specially characters like Punk, cause for what i read here and in Youtube, there are a bunch of Morons that still think that this is real, and dont understand its staged and storyline…

  • Omar

    That guy clearly hit Punk before that. Take a look on youtube:

  • KingAlbert

    Cena is having time off and ryback isn’t ready. so all the crying fags need to back off, Ryback gets gassed after 10 mins, he’s pretty shit currently, hope he gets better.

  • KingAlbert

    lol, Nothing will happen to Cena, it’s america now not fuckin brazil, he was defending himself, the dumb cunts shouldn’t have attacked him.

  • John

    @ Devil Rising

    Yes! actually has a point, i was a huge CM Punk Fan until i met the guy, he was a class A Jerk.

  • scooter

    That wasn’t live on raw and Linda wasn’t running for senate yet.

    Honestly had he just reacted in the heat of the moment fair enough but there was no excuse for Punk to go after the guy again!

  • CmFUNK

    I saw the segment .. he just shoved him away because he was holding cmpunk … nothing wrong with it …

  • Matt

    lol if there was no backlash against jericho for punching a girl that time i doubt anything would happen to punk 😛

    put it off on fans being too crazy.

  • xXx

    remember the question vince asked punk early the night ‘you think you’re not expendable?’ maybe its a work? if not punk’s in hot water for reals

  • ObesePotato

    Punk was put into a very unfortunate situation with a lack of security and shitty fans, but he handled it badly as well. If you’re going to hit someone, make sure it’s the right person. Turning around and swinging into a crowd is a bad idea no matter the circumstances and now he struck the wrong person. He should have been able to maintain a cooler head and he didn’t. I’m not a fan of Punk in the slightest but I hope this doesn’t turn out too bad for him. There were so many parties wrong involved in it.

  • Hunter

    Punk has it easy. Back in the days fans would be all over the talent- take a look at WM 13 when Bret and SCSA are fighting in the crowd- no protection but they just get on with it.

    If it isn’t a work, then he should be suspended.

  • Devil_Rising


    You seriously need to shut the fuck up. What the hell would you do if someone was touching and shoving you repeatedly? Shit happens, and wrestlers are trained to defend themselves from crazy fans in such situations. Get a life.

  • misfit del rio

    At Cm mark, I’m with you on that brother, I thought the same thing as well, looks like it might be a work, let’s just hope they don’t punish him over this, especially if he was just protecting himself.

  • Yes! 3X

    CM Punk has some serious issues. Not only does constantly treat his fans like s*** when they meet him but now he’s actually beating up fans. Does he realize that without the fans the guy would be working at a pizza parlor or something. After all the guy’s got a high school diploma and a pretty limited skill set outside of wrestling. He’s an ingrate.

  • chronoxiong

    Man this is disappointing to see and hear. This reminds me of Metta World Peace punching the fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills back then. Very similar and it was in the heat of the moment for Metta and CM Punk. Punk clearly hit the wrong guy but it was the fans fault for touching him throughout that whole segment.

  • Jake

    It would be awesome for punk to come out next week and say I struck a fan, so suspend me, now I can’t beat Cena and Ryback at Hell in a Cell

  • CM Mark

    Ok so I watched the video a couple times on youtube, there is one in slow motion. I’m not sure this isn’t a work, Punk seemed to go right at the guy, even though it didn’t seem like the guy was bothering him. I hope it’s a work, or this is bad news for Punk.

  • CM Mark

    Smells like trouble for Punk.

  • Bill

    Please, PLEASE don’t use this as a cheap way of putting the title on Cena. Hell, give him the title next month if you have to, but not this way! NOT THIS WAY!