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Adult Film Company Releasing a Parody on Hulk Hogan & His Family

– Adult film company Third Degree Films is releasing a parody based on the Hogan family titled “Official Hogan Knows Best Porn Parody.” Below is the description and cover photo:

“In this pants-wettingly funny parody, Hulk Hogan has a lot more on his hands than just his wife and kids! Follow the nation’s favorite wrestling hero and his super-tanned reality TV family as they heat up their Florida mansion with moves you won’t see in the ring! After downing a bucket of steroids and Viagra, the Hulkster calls a hooker to calm him down, giving new meaning to the ‘choke hold’ and ‘piledriver!’ Meanwhile Brooke catches hell for wearing a slutty shirt, which doesn’t seem to bother her boyfriend Bill, and Nick entertains Brooke’s horny friend Lexi, leaving his nerdy pal Linc to get it on with Linda! With this sex-crazed family all living under one roof, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a ring-side seat!”

  • Vic

    A porn parody about the Hogans? Wow. Just wow.

  • renz

    haha seen it, its pretty funny

  • Damien Phoenix

    Maybe Linda’s 19-20 year old boyfriend will get a cameo as well

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    “In this insanely funny parody, Nick plows his car around a tree while Hogan is busy plowing his daughter or wife, who knows anymore… BRUTHER!”

  • Jason

    This should be hilarious. Unfortunately Linda & Hulk will have something new to bitch about. On the plus side Warrior will have something new to laugh about.

  • Matt

    LMAO I am so getting this but it wont be to masturbate but for laughing

  • Damien Phoenix

    It should star Ultimate Warrior as Hulk Hogan

  • Yo

    I believe the piledriver would be a 69 lol :).

  • venom

    This sounds so funny. Nick should have been wearing an orange jumper suit on the cover.

  • jcorona

    I hope knobbs is in too