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The New Age Outlaws In WWE ’13, Backstage Interviews From SmackDown, More

— Road Dogg revealed on Twitter that the New Age Outlaws will be featured in THQ’s WWE ’13. When asked about the upcoming video game, which is rumored to focus on “Attitude Era” stars, he responded, “Already did the voiceovers.” He added that Billy Gunn was involved with the process.

— Watch the Photos of a Bella Twin’s wardrobe malfunction of Backstage Fallout, and find out what Sheamus really thinks of his WrestleMania opponent’s girlfriend. Plus, learn the real reason why Eve blew Zack Ryder off. Also featured are The Bella Twins and Jack Swagger.

— WWE is holding a Raw live event tonight at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. Meanwhile, a SmackDown event will be held at the E. A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

  • rabid

    Hope this is a sign of good things happening to the tag team division.. the nao back on tv would bring a great deal of entertainment and education to the younger guys

  • Turd Ferguson

    A double crooked letter!

  • Philzibit


    Or, they could just use “the one, billy gunn” since that was his name at one point.

  • fail

    Brimg the outlaws out at Mania and let them win the tag titles

  • TG

    If any match please bring back Special Guest ref. that would is missed. Just hope WWE Universe mode is more of a season mode where you can actually play with a certain character whether choose if you wanna play with a wrestler for that much. Like how the Smackdown genre games were.

  • dx

    i would make ezek jackson and otunga a tag honestly their both bland but in a team they might beable to pull off the power house style keep truth n kingston together u got primo and epico which are good push the uso’s again throw alex riley with someone i actually really liked him bring the outlaws back for a run and re build that divison come on tag team matches can be more interesting then the main events bring it back

  • Austin

    Or they could just say “THE ROAD DOGG AND BILLY GUNN!” Bad ass isnt necessary.

  • heyfit

    also, billy’s pg 13 name is bad one billy gunn.

  • heyfit

    the pg 13 version is: oh you didn’t know? you better call somebodyyyyyyyyy

    go watch last year’s slammies and/or this year’s royal rumble to hear the pg 13 version.

  • Best In The World

    thats gonna be awesome i hope more legends will be in the game again also they should bring back matches like guest refree buried alive in smackdown vs raw 2006 i belive that was a great match but it took forever lol

  • Bill

    You’re ass better caaaalllllllll somebody!!!


    ohhhhh you didnt know!!!!!