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Ahmed Johnson Candidly Talks About Racism in WWE, Scott Hall’s Influence and more

The interview begins around the 35 minute mark and Ahmed Johnson talks candidly about topics including why he never became World Champion, racism he encountered in the company and more…

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  • Scooter

    NOD was also supposed to get Mark Henry over I believe.

  • Pewp

    Ahmed’s best feuds were a non-feud with Undertaker (One of ‘Takers worst feuds up there with Giant Gonzalas) and a brief stint against “Farooq Asad” (Anyone remember Ron Simmons in his blue gladiator costume?).

    After that, he turned heel, joined the Nation of Domination in an “Angry Black Man” stable which only served to put over Farooq and The Rock. D-Lo Brown was a better member than Ahmed.

    Oh, and lets not forget his WCW move where he replaced Booker T in Harlem Heat as Stevie Ray’s new Tag Team partner, was it Mustafa something?

    What a winner.

  • Jim

    that’s what I remember about him

  • Scooter

    Or the reason he was never champ is that he absolutely fucking sucked so bad and had no redeeming qualities except his look and wasn’t getting over at all?

  • Matthew Farrell

    Vince is a racist… that explains a lot.