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AJ Accepts Vickie’s Invite, Linda No-shows NAACP Event, More

– The Pro Wrestling Syndicate promotion is advertising their “Show of the Year” for November 9th from Rahway, New Jersey. Advertised is Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell vs. Kevin Matthews, Jerry Lynn vs. Colt Cabana, Sami Callihan vs. Kevin Steen plus matches with Matt Hardy, Afa Jr., Davey richards, The Big O and others. Here’s a poster for the event:

pws poster

– Linda McMahon reportedly no-showed a NAACP state convention in Waterbury, Connecticut this weekend, where she was scheduled to speak alongside opponent Chris Murphy. A McMahon campaign rep said she accidentally skipped the event and that there is a NAACP event she was planning on attending in November. Apparently McMahon’s people didn’t realize they had agreed for her to appear at two different NAACP events. She was at another event at the time of the convention this weekend.

– Vickie Guerrero revealed on the Hell In a Cell pre-show that she has photos to prove that John Cena and AJ Lee had an affair. Vickie is planning on revealing those photos at RAW tonight and invited AJ Lee to RAW. AJ replied via Twitter:

“I will gladly accept your invitation @ExcuseMeWWE . I’ll see you and your “evidence” at #Raw tomorrow. I’m still not afraid. #HellInACell”

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  • wf3458

    Paul she a consertavie. You can’t be both.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Maybe fiscal conservatives, but social liberals. Otherwise why would they be preaching this whole “Be a STAR” crap week after week? That’s a liberal cause.

  • wf3458

    Figures since Linda is a republican and she doe doesn’t get she the problem. She the 1% that denies talent there worker rights and has hardly push a African American wrestler,( Kofi and Booker don’t count). I can’t wait til Linda get beat badly next week.

  • F BOMB

    @Paul no they aint they are conseratives

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    @Bawb, McMahons are liberals.

  • Bawb

    Ah, Linda. As a conservative, a NAACP event is the LAST event you skip lol.

    By the way, I love how “no-show” is used to describe her skipping the event, since she is wrestling oriented despite the actual purpose of her speaking at the event and the NAACP not being it. Touché, Wrestling-Edge.