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AJ Bringing Evidence Against Vickie, Lilian Garcia to Live Tweet

– Lilian Garcia, who is still out after getting hit by a car several weeks ago in Los Angeles, says she will be live tweeting with fans during Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. She tweeted last night:

“Miss u all so much that I plan 2 tweet Live on Sunday night as I watch @WWE #SurvivorSeries! So join me & tweet along!! #ItsADate”

– AJ Lee says she’s bringing some evidence of her own, against Vickie Guerrero, to Survivor Series. AJ tweeted on Friday night:

“So, I have a confession… I have some evidence of my own @ExcuseMeWWE & I will share it at #SurvivorSeries. But this time, you’re the one who’s been caught red handed. What goes around, comes around.”

  • sdd619

    Vickie slept with Cena instead

  • SYM

    We all know AJ sucked and Fucked John, No evidence will convince me otherwise, i fast forward AJ and Johns excuses, i only listen to Vickie and Dolph.

  • bigDEVOfan

    what goes around comes around
    and its coming to get vickie guerrero
    and bite her in the ass

  • Apacaveli

    john cena is wack get him outta the wwe title picture because i’ve cena-nuff..

  • kriskooo

    Ugh… the worse has yet to come. There was a report a while ago saying that this will lead to a Vickie vs. AJ match.

  • MeltdowN

    AJ storyline…looks familiar…wait, wasn’t something similar done with someone with the same initials in TNA??? Love WWE but please writers, originality.

  • donkster

    What a pathetic storyline wake up wwe your product is a joke

  • Matt

    In regards to the AJ storyline, I. Don’t. Care. They seriously need to drop it

  • I bet aj got evidence with vickie and paul heyman together lol.

  • c-Town Boy

    enough with Aj, John Cena, and Vickie please we need new material bring some ppl from nXt to the roster already