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Further information from the Q&A session is also below with thanks to YouTube: The host asked the crowd to please not ask any questions about a certain someone (CM Punk) who may not be with the company, no one mentioned CM Punk except a fan that told AJ if she ever see's Phillip "tell him we love him!" (I wanted to record the whole thing, but my phone was low on memory, so I was limited on time :/) *I'm still adding questions & answers as I remember them *A fan asked AJ if she liked Flappy Bird -She said that she's never heard of it. *A fan asked what's her favorite video game? -Final Fantasy 10 *Also a fan with a CM Punk ringtone, phone went off and AJ said "Oh Come on!" said that he was probably sitting there like call me now call me now! and then AJ & us fans began laughing lol. *Random Facts we learned yesterday: -Her family is big on tattoos -Her brother got her into wrestling, he would always watch it
  • Will Henderson

    here’s the full Q&A video from piledrivingcritique on Youtube aka @MaskedReviewer on twitter:

    Another highlight in the vid, AJ’s phone goes off with CM Punk’s Theme Cult Of Personality by In Living Color meaning Punk may had been trying to call her.