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AJ Lee Reportedly Dating Fellow WWE Star, Konnan Says CM Punk Is “Conceited”

CM Punk and AJ Lee are now dating, according to Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW Superstar Konnan.

Last month, “The Straight Edge Superstar” and the WWE Divas Champion were shown seated together at Wrigley Field during WGN’s broadcast of a Chicago Cubs versus Pittsburgh Pirates game. This naturally jump-started rumors online, especially on social media—some fans on Twitter have stated that they were blocked by Punk for mentioning Lee to him in messages.

Konnan learned of this tidbit from his source within the sports-entertainment organization. While addressing WWE happenings on the MLW Radio podcast, he stated, “I would also to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, I don’t know if that’s public knowledge.”

Punk had been romantically linked to former WWE talent Amy “Lita” Dumas as recently as last spring. Co-host Court Bauer asked Konnan, “He’s done with Lita?” He responded, “Yep.”

Konnan continued to dish on Punk, stating that some people in the company feel he has a “huge head.” Furthermore, the former Max Moon reveals that Punk once “hated” fellow top star John Cena for similar behavior.

“To me, it’s like, alright, you waited all this time to become a big star, and all those guys that had a big head, that you hated, like Cena,” said Konnan. “And now you have a big head. You need to bring your s**t down back to ground.”

He reiterated further, “I was told by my source in WWE that CM Punk has a big head and he’s conceited.”

This new episode of MLW Radio is available for free at and on iTunes (search: MLW Radio), along with episodes featuring Chris Jericho, The Ultimate Warrior, Billy Corgan, Konnan, Carlito, Teddy Hart, Sean Waltman and many others—a new episode drops every Sunday.


    Could be how he meant it I dnt think he hated him personally no reason to imo. He hated that he knew Like u said h was the best and Idk if I was held back like that is prob hate the person in front because if I’m truly that much better ur in my way. And it took punk years to get recognition

  • The Killswitch

    I own his DVD, and I don’t recall him saying that. Like I said in my previous post, he didn’t hate them personally; he hated the fact that they were considered “the best.” Because HE believed he was the best, and like you said, he wanted to overcome them. So I believe what he said on that stage reflected this as well.


    Yeah he doesn’t hate him now forget the pipe bomb did u watch his DVD he hated cena because if the place he was stuck jun behind john cena and he wanted to overcome that so he did hate cena but he rode the wave out. My exact words were hated past tense


    No he doesn’t that’s what I just explained to you sure hrs not immature or blatant with his demeanor but cena was a whore and he slept around during his marriage. Not while they were separated cena and ortons behaviors were on 2 different scales u didn’t understand cuz u didn’t want to and could u not understand stand being Shawn Michaels off camerahow old are you

  • millerj265

    No its not, ill give you that, but beyond being booed inside the ring, his job is not to be friendly to ppl on twitter or to sign autographs at 3am at an airport. And its not like he’s a hypocrite, or pretends like he is some super nice guy, he will tell you right to your face that he is a dick and not generally a pleasant person, so he may not be a nice guy but he’s a genuine guy he is straight up and honest with his fans at all times.

  • millerj265

    So you think Cena hasn’t dated and or slept with the same amount of woman if not more than punk? Plus the average person has between 6 and 15 relationships/sexual partners in there life time if not more. Plus how is he using them when they agree to date him and they date for a considerable amount of time. Its not like punk is forcing these woman to date him.

  • The Killswitch

    His exact words were “I don’t hate you, John. I don’t even dislike you. I do like you. I like you a helluva lot better than some of the guys in the back. I hate this idea that you’re the best. Because you’re not; I’m the best. I’m the best in the world.”

    And that was from his famous pipe bomb. Word for word.

  • Yes!3X

    Sorry man. No offense but I can’t really understand what you’re typing. Cena has a good reputation on and off camera. Ofcourse you’re always gonna have a few people who don’t like you but I think the overwhelming majority rules in this case.

  • JohnCena33

    Those kids in high school and Punk are scum and slobs. They use women then dump them. They have no respect and are basically losers.

  • JohnCena33

    My job is not to get booed or harrased, that is Punks job, he gets paid to be a wrestler and with that comes disrespect and booing, he shouldnt whine about it cause that is his job. He is a baby, a whiner, and I have lost some respect from him because of that. The other 30 guys get treated the same way and they dont whine,only Punk.

  • millerj265

    I know kids in high school who have dated more chicks then that, and who else is he supposed to date? He spends 95% of his time around them and on the road with them, and they all share a lot of common interests. Cenas dating a wwe diva right now because it works, they always have time to be together and there common interests are shared to a degree that someone outside of the business could match.

  • millerj265

    So your saying punk is a baby for not being able to handle ppl booing him or disrespecting him, yet you want every person who is essentially booing your comments in a way by saying your an idiot to be deleted or banned? seems like the pot calling the kettle black a little to me.


    John cena is known as a male prosti randy Orton couldn’t figure it out why he was getting so much flak for basically being Shawn Michaels off tv and cena was worse. And cena and his ex wife got divorced because she thought he was on her with an employee. And no one knws when he slept around all his ex wife knew was she was relevant. U dnt get a divorce over speculation out of nowhere as much john professed how much in love he was in interviews. Ur confusing tv personality with real life. When it comes to cena

  • Yes!3X

    I know this reply is late but how is that confirmation of anything? An ex-diva admitted that she used to date John Cena before he was married (which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with) and on then on an unrelated note Cena files for divorce (which happens to half of married couples anyway). So if Cena is a bad guy for dating a girl when he was single and then getting a divorce then millions of men in this country alone are also bad guys.

    And how does Punk not liking Cena incriminate him? Let’s take a look at their reputations. Cena is known as an all-around good guy who’s logged countless hours for charity. Punk is known as a self-absorbed moody a–hole. Besides Punk seems to hate everything. The guy has issues he’s should get help with. He seems deeply unhappy.


    It’s no secret punk hated john cena. And if u think dykstra was lying look at the series of events that took place. Dykstra states cena is a male whore and hurt one of his friends whom he cheated with her during his marriage. Representatives from wwe state claims are untrue. Week later Lisa Marie baron states she did indeed date cena once upon a time. The next week cena wife files for divorce. Not just coincidence no possible way.

  • JohnCena33

    Punk has dated Lita, Kelly Kelly, Beth, AJ, and two other divas, plus who knows how many more.

  • The Killswitch

    You know you can flag comments, right?

  • JohnCena33

    Punk is a baby. We all deal with stuff and he can’t stand someone asking him an autograph, he can’t even stand people booing him, remember how called out that fan for yelling something out at him at RAW live swearing at the fan, Punk is insane.

    By the way “mod” you really should start deleting comments that call me an idiot, such as Solid’s comment in this article.

  • JohnCena33

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, perfect comment, I agree 110%.

  • CC

    Yup, Killswitch is spot on. As for him jumping around like a male hooker, thats bullshit.
    First of all we only have Konnans word on this, and he is well known for stirring shit up that he knows nothing about, and secondly. This would probably be the third girlfriend he has had since his time in WWE that I have heard of, which is hardly sleeping around. You might as well start calling Lita a prostitute as well, or Mickie James going on the amount of wrestlers they have dated.

    Not everyone can be a kiddy friendly John Cena. Ya know, the guy who has jumped around from woman to woman, which is why his marriage broke down (now I dont know if thats true, but like JohnCena33 I am 100% believing Kenny Dykstra because what he says must be true … thats sarcasm by the way)

  • Yes!3X

    How is JohnCena33 an idiot? It’s been common knowledge for years that Punk is notoriously nasty to his fans. Even ones who are just trying to be nice to him. I though everyone knew this. The guy has completely forgotten where he came from.

    I love how Punk’s fans immediatly resort to name calling when someone says something about their hero they don’t like. You guys can bash the likes of Cena and HHH but those are the guys who are good to their fans and would treat you like a human being. Punk would on a good day ignore you, on a bad day insult you, or on a really bad day probably hit you.

    And as far as that hitting incident goes, Punk was a total unprofessional that night. He was in the middle of a promo with Vince McMahon, the camera was focused on Punk, and Punk decides to jump on someone who he thought pushed him slightly. But Punk’s fans will justify absolutely anything he does. It’s more of a cult than a fanbase.

  • The Killswitch

    First off, Punk doesn’t have to sign anyone’s autograph. Especially when it’s shoved in his face, which he publicly stated that he hates. Show the guy some respect, and he’ll do the same for you.

    Second, he elbowed the wrong person in the face after someone repeatedly shoved him when his back was turned. This is another example of respecting him and the boundaries between the fans and entertainment that is too often crossed.

    Third, yes; he blocks people on Twitter for being obnoxious. Again, it’s his own account. He can refuse contact with anyone he chooses.

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    Does anyone really care?

  • what?

    I’ve always thought cm punk was a prick .it was confirmed few years back when he got mouthy with a little kid sooner or later someone will knock him off his high horse

  • Sean Kaboni

    If he is a moron, its just because he’s doing like the rest of us, passing along dirt sheets. We don’t know what’s true or not. All we can do is read and based on our own personal assumption of that particular person, we choose whether or not to believe it. And when we don’t, we make sure to let the opposition know.

  • JohnCena33

    He blocks so many on twitter for the dumbest of things, refuses to sign autographs (look up all the videos on youtube about it) and then punches fans, so I am pretty sure he hates the fans

  • chronoxiong

    The “Chick Magnet” Punk is so lucky!

  • ddfindl

    Hates the fans? Wtf are you talking about

  • JohnCena33

    Anymore I think Punk is just a bad person all around. Jumps from women to women like a male hooker, hates the fans, and seems like he is above feuds, not sure whats wrong with him because during his big push he seemed to be an awesome guy, but now…..

  • Will Henderson

    well, i think Konnan is doing what some fans have already done and that’s assume that they are indeed dating, just cause AJ was spotted in a CM Punk shirt at a recent comic con, or seen with him at Wigley at a Cubs game or rumors on a wrestling forums saying she was seen in his tour bus. everyone knows when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. unless AJ shows up randomly with Punk on an episode of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast or AJ gets used as a way to get cheap heat on Paul Heyman and Ryback (or Brock Lesnar if WWE has plans for a Lesnar/Punk rematch in the near future) in Punk’s current angle, then consider it official.

  • Sean Kaboni

    i thought i read a post on here a few? months back saying something about how lita was distraught and seen crying blah blah blah….

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Konnan is a moron. I don’t believe it.

  • Edward Brown

    I thought Aj Lee and Dolf were dating she even said it in an interview recently.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    When did Punk and Lita break up….?