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AJ Lee Resigns as General Manager of Raw, Managing Supervisor Appointed

– AJ Lee announced on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw that she is resigning as General Manager of Raw due to fraternizing with a member of the RAW roster.

– After Paul Heyman was denied the position of General Manager of Raw, Vince McMahon announced that Vickie Guerrero has been appointed the managing supervisor of WWE Raw.

  • eric

    I think vickie did good job as smackdown gm in 2007-2008 when she manage edge to world heavyweight title in 2007 also survior series 2008. edge and vickie made good team. I would say if eric bischoff could leave that dump tna. come to wwe. he was great gm for raw. in 2002-2005 raw was alot better when bischoff was gm, evoultion, trish vs lita, tag teams, ppv matches all around bischoff was best gm raw ever had. i would love to see him back in wwe. As raw gm to make raw entertaining again!

  • MaxSimi Dude

    Oh come on! Like Vickie never fraternized with any of the superstars while she was general manager. Get real Vince! And also Eve vs Kaitlyn with Layla at Hell in a Cell for the Divas Title! Just a suggestion!

  • Zedd

    Jesus Christ is having a long term GM too much to ask for? Or is WWE intent on having Eric Bischoff be the only long term GM in history.

  • StocktonJoe

    Oh Hell, NO!! When you keep doing what you’ve done, you keep getting what you’ve got. We’ve been down this road already. I know that professional wrestling is cyclical – that all this has happened before, and that all this will happen again. But it seems like the cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

    As for Vickie, I think her character is great. She generates tremendous heat just walking out from the back. And it gets better and better with just 2 words.

    And about the attitude era. That ship has sailed. Since the business is cyclical, something similar to it will re-appear at some time. And, for (at least) the near term, we won’t see it. It has less to do with Linda’s run for the Senate. It has more to do with the fact that WWE (which is a business in the business of making money) has decided that they have a larger customer base and make more money by appealing to a broader audience that includes kids. We can debate whether WWE made the right or wrong business decision. Nothing we whine on this (or any other) web site will get them to change their mind.

  • Apacaveli

    Come On Vince Let Paul Heyman Turn WWE Into Extremeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  • Pat

    gorgeous girl
    kindly shut your ugly ass up, you have a serious hard on for vickie, why, who the hell knows, but continuing to call her fat is just plain fucking stupid, i mean do you get off talking about someone like that? do you get off saying things that are untrue? seriously, as Gordon Ramsey likes to say, GET A GRIP

  • David Reustle

    It’s a bigger reason why I won’t be watching anymore. The storylines and the performers have been going down the toilet since the end of the “Attitude” era.

  • Will Henderson

    this was good and bad thing for us fans. good in a way that AJ can get back to her quest to become Divas champion which was sidetracked by the whole Raw GM angle and she said in an interview that she was training to keep from getting ring rust, which meant she knew she wasn’t gonna be GM for a long time.

    and bad that Vickie’s back in the role of authority figure on the flagship show, but in a way, she or Heyman was a better long term solution to this issue as AJ was meant to be a short term GM until they could get Ric Flair via wait on his no-compete with TNA, but the lawsuit with TNA happened, so now Ric won’t be the boss. and when WWE gave up on getting Flair they decided the do this angle tonight to write off AJ as GM and slowly phase her back into the wrestler/valet role which has worked for her as the GM role was clearly ending up like a end of a NASCAR race a Talladega or Daytona, a complete car wreck. which meant it wasn’t gonna work out for AJ being a authority figure due to being too young for that role. i think Authority figures are meant to be played by people older then 30 years old anyway.

    so now we have no more AJ Lee being held back as a wrestler due to her role of authority figure and we get an possible Cena/Ziggler feud to accompany the ongoing Vickie/AJ feud. in a way this was for the best for the future of AJ Lee’s character.

  • gorgeous girl

    but im glad aj lee kicked her fat over weight ass

  • gorgeous girl

    great now vickie guerrero is going to ruin monday night raw
    as she once did when she ran monday night raw before she will run monday night raw into the ground,so much for monday night raw being a good show anymore

  • Best In The World

    Ric Flair on the way back ? i hope so

  • V-R-A

    You done fucked up Vince.