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AJ Styles on Being in the Back of the Royal Rumble Poster, Being Burglarized Recently, Possible Samoa Joe Debut

WWE Champ AJ Styles was recently interviewed by Brian Fritz of The Sporting News to promote tomorrow’s (Sun. January 29, 2017) 2017 Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV). You can check out what he had to say here:

On being in the back of the Royal Rumble poster:

“It’s actually people reacting on Instagram and Twitter showing me. I think they were a little more upset than I was. I get what’s going on here on the poster. Those are your stars that have been here for a long time. So I get it. They’re in marquee matches as well. They’re faces that people recognize. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with it. I think that the WWE Champion should be definitely up front but, at the same time, I understand the reasoning for the poster.”

On Samoa Joe possibly debuting on the main roster soon:

“Well, Joe is an amazing wrestler. There’s no doubt about that. Always has been. Joe is one of my really good friends. It’s just a matter of time before he’s on the roster. It wouldn’t surprise me if he showed up on Sunday. There’s always surprises in the Royal Rumble and you try not to get surprised, you try to see it coming but that’s what makes the Royal Rumble so fun. If Joe doesn’t show up on Sunday, he’ll definitely show up soon. I know it.”

On if there is an update on his burglary from earlier last month:

“No, no. Nothing yet. I’m thinking about putting out a tweet out there, maybe I can give a little reward in Jonesboro, Arkansas for anyone that wants to turn the guys in. We’ll see. I didn’t get robbed, by the way. I had things stolen from me. A lot of people are thinking I was robbed at gunpoint. I was not. It was something that was left. I was trying to get out the building as fast as I could because I wanted to get to the hotel, get to bed and for some reason, I forgot one of my most important items, my baby, if you will.”