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AJ Styles Defends His World Heavyweight Title In Mexico, Video of Abyss at TNA Live Event

– Abyss was back in action against Kazarian at TNA’s weekend live event in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan:

– AJ Styles successfully defended his TNA World Heavyweight Title against Judas Mesias at a AAA event in Jalisco, Mexico on Sunday night. Konnan, Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. all attacked Mesias, then he and AJ teamed up to run them off. The plan is for AJ’s matches outside of TNA to be taped and shown on Impact Wrestling.

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  • millerj265

    Yep this is the direction that could have netted the wwe a lot of buzz, and even though I agree with you about Vince not wanting to put over other promotions, it was dumb of him to look at it in that way, seeing as Punk would have im sure cleanly beat anyone who challenged him, thus solidifying that any wwe wrestler could beat any and all indy wrestlers. But like most unique angles that could have really turned into something special, Vince dropped the ball on it because he’s so complacent sitting atop the wrestling mountain that he has no desire or need to think or go outside of his wrestling box. And im glad TNA is at least following threw with the angle in the way wwe should have, sadly there just not known by a large enough fan base for this or really any angle to have much of, if any impact on there product or ratings. Also id say if they really wanted to get across that styles has completely left the company and has disassociated himself form TNA in everyway, they might wanna have him go defend the title for a promotion that hasn’t been directly linked to TNA for yrs now like AAA has been, with a working relationship where they occasionally trade talent, and where Jeff Jarrett has been wrestling at on a semi-regular basis for the last few yrs. But then again like I said this angle wont do anything for them because no one outside of the fans that already watch TNA will even know or care about what happens with this storyline, which is a real shame, and really puts in perspective just how tight of a stranglehold WWE has on the business, when a wrestling promotion that has been on cable TV for nearly a decade now cant even muster a slight increase in viewership or profit, even when there current champion leaves the company and goes off to defend there title at other promotions. If this were 12-15yrs ago, this type of angle would have been a huge deal, might of even netted some national coverage. Its really sad to see how far the wrestling business has fallen in just under 20yrs, that an angle that would have guaranteed you massive ratings and a steep rise in profit just 13yrs ago, is now something that in all honesty, no matter how well its done, can not physically make anything other then the smallest positive impact for TNA, which is a far cry from the giant impact that an angle like this by default alone should be able to have.

  • poko

    Quite honestly, this is what Punk’s storyline should have been, except the WWE will never put over another organization. It could have been awesome, especially if they leaked rumors that Vince was furious.