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AJ Styles Interview – Says TNA Can’t Rely On Old Stars, If TNA Can Overtake WWE

This week … a VERY special episode of IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 AM Philly and, as Brady Hicks welcomes AJ Styles IN THE ROOM to talk all about the progress TNA has been making, as well as to hype up their appearances at Lockdown this past Sunday night in Nashville.

On TNA’s youth movement, as it stands: “They’re … WE are definitely in a better place. If we’re making new stars, that’s what we need to do. We gotta build that foundation, and it starts by making new stars. You can’t rely on Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy and guys like that who have been around for awhile …. or even AJ Styles for that matter. You have to continue to build new stars to rely on and to keep it fresh.”

On the development of Bobby Roode and James Storm: “I gotta tell you, when those two broke up as a tag team I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to tag team wrestling.’ Literally these guys were the best in the world as a tag team … It’s crazy what has happened with them over time. I can’t say that I don’t want to see this match happen because I do.”

On Being in the locker room with guys like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle: “It’s a great thing to have around. If you can soak up as much information as they’re putting out. You can only get better with those guys around you … These guys have done a lot in this business. If you can soak up some of that information. The sky’s the limit.”

On his Relationship with Ric Flair: “I soaked up so much information from Ric Flair that I realized he’s kind of a douche-bag. Neither Fortune nor myself wanted to be around him any more. Fortune kind of imploded because of it.”

On Bobby Roode as champion: “Like it or not, Bobby Roode is the best world heavyweight champion RIGHT NOW. The guy is good. You can’t deny that fact. He looks good. He wrestles even better than he looks. This guy is unstoppable at this point in his career.”

On TNA overtaking WWE: “It’s not going to happen overnight. We don’t have the money that the other company has. We just have to take it slow … When we move to0 fast, that’s how you destroy a company.”

All that, plus AJ’s thoughts on competing in the steel cage each year at Lockdown, being a main-event player once again, taking Impact live once again, and on the road, what Fortune did for each member’s career, getting to compete each week against his best friends in the business, and so much more. The full interview is available here.

  • eric

    tna needs get rid of hogan flair and all old guys wasting tna time and money. flair and hogan gone would be great thing. tna needs focus on young x divison tag team kos and young guys. tna 2004-2009 was alot better than last 2 yrs since hogan bischoff came in. paul heyman did great shoot on tna via youtube. when heyman a great mind said tna needs focus on young guys. tna has no future 1-2 yrs they are ones that chase friday ratings. heyman is right. tna needs dump hogan and bischoff get heyman. listen heyman shoot on tna he makes great points. he help elevate ecw from bingo hall in south philly to mainstream greatest. he has great ideas focus building company around young guys.

  • Ant

    @nancy…youre obviously a complete moron and have never really watched an rvd match nuff said

  • I believe hulk has made the wrong call with the world title match. He had the worst ratings last week. rvd is very boring and people get sick of him in a short amount of time. He has no personality and He should not win at sacrifice. Nothing makes any sense about that match!!!!

  • Ant

    theres nothing rvd being at the top spot after being midcard for so long thats what people dont get

  • sdd619

    Right now the only man in TNA i see being wasted is Samoa Joe. Right there is a mainevent talent who is Midcarding, cause a former WWE star needs the Top spot. I hope WWE listens to Steve Austin & hire Joe

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Is stockshark Jason in disguise?

  • Reverse prince albert

    lol TNA is always broke and paying workers late.. Keep dreaming Fan boys… guess you assclowns will join the rest of the world when TNA dies

  • Jon

    The problem is just they so many “WCW” right now it dreadful to watch. Before Bischoff and Hogan took control TNA was pretty good. The talent which was original didhad good matches, had good tag teams and had there own storylines. But ever since Russo, Hogan and Bischoff came it has been try to copy WWE to be better and it doesn’t work. TNA needs to start there own not copying cating WWE. Bring something new.

  • Bawb

    Careful there AJ, you’re becoming one of those old stars.

  • ant

    @pissed off fan..thats true i mean i say it all the time the main event mafia storyline was the last genuis storyline i think tna came up and as far as stockshark hes just an asshole trolling from his moms house so dont pay him anymind but anyways i honestly think if tna and roh combined somehow i mean not company wise but talent wise that would be awesome THEN WWE might have to worry

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I have to agree with “ANT”

    TNA has some great talent on their roster its just the company itself doesnt use them correctly. If TNA used theire wrestlers right and had some good storylines like WCW back in the day, then they can give WWE something to worry. @stockshark28 Why do you hate on ROH so much anyway?

  • stockshark28

    @Ant STFU please douche! The only point you made is the one on top off your head!

  • Ant

    @stockshark..stfu the guy @pissed off fan makes an excellent point but i have to disagree with him all the same cuz although roh has some excellent talent on there roster tna has aj styles,robert roode,james storm,kurt angle,jeff hardy,mr anderson,austin aries,kazarian,daniels,bully ray,mcmg,samoa joe,abyss,and the biggest money draw in there companys history The Icon STING plus i think tna ppvs earn a tad bit more than roh ppvs i still like both promotions in there own way tho

  • stockshark28

    LOL @Pissed Off Fam=( keep telling yourself that Bud keep telling yourself that!! So do you watch ROH with Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    To be honest, ECW was more popular then ROH is right now BUT!! ROH is getting up in the rankings pretty fast.

    I saw online that the main wrestling companies in the US stand as…

    1. WWE
    2. ROH
    3. TNA
    (Im not making this up! They said that ROH just barely passed TNA recently.)

  • JOE

    ^^^^ I agree with 100%

  • Sean

    Tna has come a long way I think one of the big problems with them is being taped if they would go live on Thursdays I think it would help cause people couldn’t go to sites like this read what happens then not watch. I watch every week and they have amazing talent. Go live on Thursdays not Mondays

  • poko

    No, TNA will likely never be at WWE’s level. Not that it’s necessarily their fault or they should stop trying, it’s just that the challenges are too great. The WWE came up in the territory system, with a LOT of promotions being more or less equal. The WWE had a big advantage being in a huge market, of course, but there was plenty of competition.

    However, the WWE ended up burying or buying out any contenders. Right now, it’s just too powerful in the wrestling world, it has too much money and too many loyalist fanboys. The only way a legitimate contender can spring up is if a powerful corporation gets into the game, especially one with a broadcasting subsidiary. I can’t see that happening, though.

    People should just stop worrying about which promotion is bigger. It doesn’t really matter. I’ll watch anything if the wrestling is good.

  • Ant

    ummm i disagree wit that cuz ecw started out as a small promotion in philadelphia and look how huge it got i honestly think ecw was about at the same level that roh is right now and since tna is still considered the 2nd best promotion i dont think thats a solid statement

  • Best In The World

    TNA will never be wwe, not even ECW lol