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Alberto Del Rio Discusses Adjusting to WWE’s Style, His Dream Feud and More

– Alberto Del Rio was interviewed by Jon Robinson of ESPN at E3 this week. Here are some highlights:

Jon Robinson: What’s your favorite car so far you’ve brought to the ring?

Alberto Del Rio: My favorite one is the classic Cobra, 1965. That’s my favorite car. There’s just so much power in that machine. Of course, the Rolls-Royce are just classy and they say everything you need to know about Alberto Del Rio.

Jon Robinson: Do you ever get to take the cars for joy rides around the arena?

Alberto Del Rio: Yeah, most of the time I have the chance to drive the cars from the city we’re in to the next one where we’re performing. It’s pretty cool.

Jon Robinson: Since you’ve been in WWE, you’ve adapted really fast to the WWE style of match. What’s the biggest difference between what you were used to in Mexico and wrestling in WWE?

Alberto Del Rio: I can say that I’m a better wrestler now that I’m in WWE because the way we work in WWE is totally different than what you see anywhere else. Here, we work with logic, and there’s a reason for everything we do in the ring. Whether it’s a dropkick or a punch, there’s a reason for everything. Lucha Libre style is beautiful, but in Lucha Libre, we just do things because it looks pretty, or it looks spectacular, but there’s no logic or anything. That’s why I think I’m a better wrestler now.

Jon Robinson: When you look ahead to Wrestlemania next year, do you have a dream opponent?

Alberto Del Rio: I know all the new guys have the same dream, and that’s to go against Undertaker. Undertaker to me is like the godfather of American wrestling and that’s my dream match. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but I want it.

Jon Robinson: Who else are you looking forward to working with?

Alberto Del Rio: I’m chasing John Cena. I want to be WWE champion. Another guy I’d like to fight is Randy Orton. He’s such an aggressive wrestler, I think we could have some great matches.

  • Justin

    Same thing, Andrew, Joel, and SUsyRko. And the match sounds MORE enticing.

  • SusyRko

    andrew and joel,I did the same thing

  • Saintsman

    whoa…. did i miss something?

  • Jason

    WWE has comes to terms on the release of “wrestler” Alberto Del Rio. We do not wish him well in his future endeavors. LOL I wouldn’t put it past WWE to start burying him because he used the “W’ word lol

  • Joel

    Haha, yeah, I did the same thing. Uh oh, Alberto said he was a wrestler…

  • Andrew

    lol, I literally read this in his voice, but pretty interesting read