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Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Title Win, More on Kevin Nash’s Return

– New Age Outlaw BG James wrote the following on Twitter about being with Kevin Nash this weekend when he may have got the call from WWE to appear at SummerSlam:

“We were w/Nash this weekend and he did get a phone call at one point friday night that Billy and I thought was suspicious.”

– With his big WWE Title win last night at SummerSlam, Alberto Del Rio becomes the first Mexican-born wrestler to hold the WWE Title. The late Eddie Guerrero was born in El Paso, Texas and Rey Mysterio was born in Chula Vista, California while Hall of Famer Pedro Morales was from Puerto Rico.

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  • Tombstone1108

    My name is alberto del rioooooo——-you killed my father, prepare to die.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    @ jeff
    really? just grow up man its just wrestling, no need for the rascism

  • adam62

    @Gobbel D. Gooker juan cena was a character that john cena played during his “fired” storyline

  • Houndy

    Gee…maybe they can spring Scott Hall from detox and really paint the town red.

  • beefcake

    setting up for a Nash / Big show fued this will be epic, as long as they dont fk it up making Bigshow look weak again

  • Marky Mark

    I seen Nash Friday night, was wrestling a NWO vs DX match. Was good, the very next day, i hear he fucking appears at SummerSlam…. guuud sheet!

  • be heard

    juan cena, lmfao

  • jeff

    fucking spicks now taking over the wresting biz

  • Bubba

    I can see the kliq reforming and I think that’s what’s gonna happen over the next couple months, but I sincerely hope they do not include that pathetic joke X-Pac. He’s not entertaining….he’s just annoying.

    I don’t think we’ll see a copy of the “NWO” days, but I think it will be something similar with a group running roughshod over the faces.

  • Camille

    Bring back the Outlaws!

  • Symbiote

    I can see Nash as the guy who does Triple H’s dirty work since he can’t while he is COO. As for the rest of the kilq I can’t see that happening.