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Ambrose Meets with WWE Doctors, EW Picks Up on Stooges Crowd Reaction

– Entertainment Weekly picked up on the bad crowd reaction that The Three Stooges received on RAW last night. From

“Remember that classic Three Stooges episode where Curley dressed up as Hulk Hogan? No? Well, neither did the fans at the Verizon Center in Washington for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. The new Stooges got slap-happy for the crowd, but the audience response was one of general perplexity. Even when Curly (Will Sasso) came out dressed as Hulk Hogan and the Hulkster himself became a huckster for the film, which opens this weekend, there seemed to be little connection. In fact, the only excitement to the bit was when Kane choke-slammed the wannabe Hulk.”

– FCW star Dean Ambrose posted a photo of scars on his back this morning and said he was visiting with the WWE doctors, possibly for a physical. This could be another sign that Ambrose is close to debuting on TV. He wrote:

“Fun morning trying to explain gross barbwire scars and excessive nerve damage to #wwe doctors,#thanksmick”

  • VenomEX

    these second rate stooges were funny as shit, but you would have never seen sean penn and fat jim carrey in a ring. if only the brought the sandman back for just one thing, it would have been for this

    also, props to sasso for taking the bump….but imagine if bret hart was there…

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    A jobber offended by a troll, now I’ve seen it all.

  • Moo

    The stooges weren’t that bad.

  • Whocares

    If trolls really bother and you really want them to go away, stop responding to them. Stop giving them thumbs down. Just let their little cry for attention go unnoticed, and eventually they will go back to YouTube or 4chan or anywhere but here.
    Let’s all get together and stop responding to the trolls.

  • Superman

    What would have been funny was if the real stooges showed up ( Greald Brisco and Pat Patterson) a trip to the old days

  • barry horowitz

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