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Ambrose In Singles Action and More Taped for This Week’s SmackDown

– WWE taped the following last night in Raleigh, NC to air on this week’s SmackDown:

* The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and Ryback

* Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston

* Big E Langston vs. Jack Swagger

* Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan

* Tensai vs. Big Show

* Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

  • Elvis Dolinski

    The humanity, the Dominoes Pizza box was powerbombed 3 times, oh the humanity, end sho

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Let me guess how this plays out

    Jericho Highlight Reel: Ryback comes out, huffs and puffs about nothing, tells the crowd he’s hungry, Jerry Lawler orders him a pizza Via Dominoes app and tracks through the night with his ipad, which in turns into a #hashtag Wheres Rybacks Pizza? Next is the Cody Rhodes vs Kingston, good back and forth match, Rhodes hits his new finisher “The Mustcahe Ride” end match. Next its Big E vs. Swagger, this ends in a no contest when Big E forgets the rules of the match and just sits outside the ring for a count out because he thought Ziggler was fighting and stood outside the ring hands folded looking tough with a wedgie, Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan was a compelling match, but Ambrose won with his finisher and daniel bryan just laid there like a wounded warrior saying no to himself, next they show the pizza tracker and it shows Jericho eating Rybacks Pizza, Ryback is shown tracking his pizza and Jericho is mid bite only to see Ryback looking hungrier than ever, takes the pizza from his mouth, then says: Ryback Rules, Pizza Pizza!!!, I guess he thought it was Little Cesars, commercial break, then Its Big Show vs. Tensai, but they had a vote if the WWE Universe wanted to see this match with a poll on Twitter, needless to say the match was canned and went straight to the Main Event:

    Ryback Vs. Jericho: The winner was to take the rest of the pizza home, Ryback looking hungry as always took control of the situation, with a lot of hard hits, powermoves, but Jericho the veteran takes a late control, with a whole bunch of high flying moves, reversals, and gets the Walls of Jericho locked in, as this happens, The Shield comes in and surround the announce table, and dismember the Dominoes Pizza to pieces, Ambrose starting at the crust, Rollins folding his pizza and eating it, and Reigns double stacking his pizza,