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AMC Networks Interested in Buying WWE According to Financial Source

– It has been rumored this afternoon that AMC Network is interested in buying World Wrestling Entertainment, with WWE’s stock spiking 7% as a result.

WWE stock spike

The financial blog Betavile was the first source to report the story:

“Good sources tell me cable group AMC Networks has been sniffing around World Wrestling Entertainment Inc, the US-listed company behind those ridiculous wrestling programmes, such as WWF, Raw and Smackdown.

AMC Networks has held at least one exploratory conversation with WWE – which saw its shares rise by about 30pc during last week – about some kind M&A transaction in recent months, according to “people familiar with the matter”. However, the talks are understood to have not gone anywhere.

Another source said bankers from UBS have been advising AMC Networks, owner of Sundance TV, on a potential deal and financing options.

This well-placed source said any transaction may value WWE at between $2.6 and $2.8bn.”

  • Jason Lentini

    I dont think HHH would go for it rather he’d talk her out of it or find a way to have it become his. If not I could see Shane reemerge in a power position.

  • who

    If this is related to the timing of Steph selling all those stocks (among others), I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t get gobbled up by a bigger company which was the death of WCW. Remember that before the bad booking, even when things were “good” in WCW, the Time Warner exec’s were pushing to discontinue their top rated show, no matter how much money it made them.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I think investors misinterpreted reports of AMC being interested in WWE’s TV rights. Perhaps they would also buy a large stake in the organization, but obviously Vince would never sell outright to anyone, let alone someone not named “McMahon”.

  • john

    step is a different story tho…..once vince is gone i could see her doing something like this

  • pitfallharry219

    Vince would push Daniel Bryan before he would ever sell WWE.