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Mr. Anderson Returning To Impact Next Week, Update On Jeff & Karen Jarrett

— Mr. Anderson, who has not appeared on TNA Wrestling programming since November, will return on next Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

“To everyone who has asking about my vacation for the past few months: I’m back next week,” he wrote Friday on Twitter.

The former Mr. Kennedy took two months off for personal reasons but hasn’t been used since a house show tour in January due to creative’s directive to not showcase wrestlers on television without a storyline.

— Karen Jarrett will accompany Jeff Jarrett when the 11-time world champion appears for AAA’s annual Rey de Reyes tournament on March 18 in Guadalajara, Mexico. There are currently no plans for either Jarrett to return to TNA Wrestling programming. Karen, however, may return if Jeff does.

— The February 24 Impact Wrestling live event in Upper Marlboro, Maryland drew 1,200 attendees while the February 26 show in Charlottesville, Virginia drew 800.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • SpudimusPrime89


    Yeah, Jason’s pretty much revealed that he’s a troll.

  • Valo487

    Either way he’s full of crap.

  • SpudimusPrime89


    Your wrestling dojo? I thought you were a PR guy, not a trainer.

  • @lol he didnt dye thats hes natural hair color

  • Jason

    The real reason Kennedy has been absent is because he has been training in my wrestling dojo for the last few months, honing his chi and becoming one with the ring apron. I have taught him moves that will surpass anything WWE can produce and thats a fact. Be ready for the greatest comeback in wrestling history! all thanks to yours truly.

  • Tyler

    Alright about a year ago TNA did a street fight between Angle vs Jeff Jarrett if jarrett lost he had to move to Mexico and never be apart of TNA again if angle lost he would quit TNA. So jarrett loses and a month after leaving he comes back horrible storyline jeff jarrett and Karen get fired word that they are coming back another bad storyline why doesn’t TNA get some more wrestlers because TNA roster page has been the smallest then it has ever been x division has like less then 10 guys

  • Nicholas

    Didn’t Jeff Jarrett father use to run TNA for a while?

  • MJ

    Glad Mr. Anderson is comming back i was wondering where did he go too hopefully he’ll beat Robbie E for that tv title then bring class to it and make it a midcard belt instead of a jobber belt.

    Fuck jeff jarrett! He’s an 11 time world champion? I guess kissing vnce russo’s ass in wcw really paid off because last time i checked he was nothing but a midcarder getting his ass kicked in wwf, went to WCW where his butt buddy russo was the head writter, and made him a eorld champion.

    Let’s not talk about TNA because people can bitch on here about angle or sting being in the title picture way to much but jeff jarrett made himself NWA world champion 6 fucking times! Ever wonder why people talked about the x divsion when TNA was starting more then the main event? Because the owner of the company wanted to be the one that was the top guy and thankfully he’ll never be a TNA world champion because he’s shit!

  • Valo487

    11-time world champion? Do TNA world championships really count as world title reigns? TNA world championships don’t count anymore than the WWECW championship did….

  • lol

    kenny dyed his hair