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Anderson Silva Talks About Fans Booing Him, Another UFC 103 Change, More

Source: MMANews,

– According to Carmichael Dave, James Irvin is out of UFC 102 due to suffering a knee injury in training. Irvin was scheduled to face Wilson Gouveia on the preliminary card of UFC 102. No word on a replacement for Irvin, who will reportedly undergo reconstructive knee surgery in the next few days. This will leave him out of action anywhere from 6-10 months.

– Brock Larson vs. Mike Pierce has been added to the UFC Fight Night 19 card. The bout will be a part of the night’s preliminary card.

– After a ton of back and forth and changes to the UFC 103 card, Sean Sherk vs. Gleison Tibau, which has been bounced between the prelim and main card of UFC 103 has been shifted again, to UFC 104. No word on if the bout will be on the PPV portion or the prelim card.

– An incredulous UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva tells that he still doesn’t understand the chorus of boos he received against Thales Leites at UFC 97 despite the fact that prior to the hands-off approach he took against Patrick Cote at UFC 90, “The Spider” finished the first seven of his UFC opponents in devastating fashion, including top contenders Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson. Silva said:

“Sometimes, I can’t believe it, man, I can’t believe it. Every time I step inside of the cage, I put my life in danger. Sometimes when you are standing outside of the Octagon, it’s a lot different than being inside. I am there for the fans, but for the fans that boo, it comes down to a lack of knowledge”

  • John Doe

    How has Anderson Silva not beaten anybody great? Granted, every opponent he’s faced hasn’t been a stand-out fighter. However, defeats over opponents like Rich Franklin (twice), Forrest Griffin, and Dan Henderson have allowed everybody to know that the guy is not a fluke. I’m hoping the UFC will arrange a fight between GSP and Silva in the near future. And with regards to the “Silva/Rampage” match-up: didn’t Forrest serve Rampage a loss? Didn’t Silva make Forrest look amatuerish? Rampage doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Anderson is boring

    Anderson Silva has not beaten anyone great, he’s good at beating wimpy opponents but that’s it, the only good fights we have left in a lightweight are Anderson versus Jackson, Anderson versus machida, machida versus Jackson and Machida versus Anderson, Anderson has no business in the middleweight division and rampaged Jackson has no business fighting rashad evans, that’s a fukin joke, shogun is the only other interesting person left in the mixup and it would be fun to see Tito get knocked out by rampage or someone

  • ya boy silva

    Talk shit now DA’s you are all idiots if you think silva sucks and you will see in the future when he kills the 205 weight division like he did the 185. He made forest look like a sorry washed up piece of crap, forest hit the ground and didn’t even want anymore so he waved silva off what a puss

  • Bushido Warrior

    Griffin got knocked out! The spider sucked all the air out of Forrest!

  • Junirmafia

    Forrest’s best chance is the ground but lets face it, Silva is a black belt in BJJ he’s got skills on the ground to, i see this fight going 3 rounds and ending up in the judges hands, Forrest is going to punch himself tired watch, Silva will clinch and throw those nasty knees he did to Franklin, if that happens its going to be lights out for Forrest

  • Kyle

    I would love to see Anderson Silva get knocked out, but let’s face it: The guy has great defense and an iron chin. Not to mention his significant speed and accuracy advantage over Forrest. I like Forrest, but I don’t see him hurting Silva on the feet. He’s gotta take this guy down…

  • bob jones

    silva sucks, he also hasnt even been hit by somebody with real power yet i cant wait until they put him against rampage or evans or liddell so they can mop the floor with him i bet money if one of rampages hooks connected the ring doctor wouldnt be able to wake him up silva is soft he has skills but he wont go far in 205 there is too much talent and he is not that good i would also like to see GSP fight him he would mop up silva too. GO FORREST. first round K.O. THE SPIDER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • FreshPrintz

    Stop hating, Its Dana White. here is an analogy for you. If you were asked to do third grade math for your job you would do it for a while. Then you get tired of doing it, its too easy. Anderson obviously was bored. Dana White shouldnt be wasting Andersons talent. You dont have to like Silva but respect him. He has fought tougher guys outside of the UFC. Anderson brings the level that his opponents are. If you are dangerous than he will finish you, if your a bum, he wont waste his time. Silva obviously could have finished thales at any time.

  • Tits Mcgee

    “it comes down to a lack of knowledge”. Yeah call your fans stupid that should win them over … They booed you cause you’re an arrogant overrated cock gobbler who disrespects his opponents during the fight. He wanted to fight at 205 so he decides to act like a whinny bitch at 185 till he gets his way, Anderson Silva you suck i hope you get destroyed against Forrest and in your rematch against Hendo THEN i hope you get kidney stones THEEEEN i hope your teeth fall out or knocked out which ever then i hope Demian Maia chokes you unconscious