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Mr. Anderson Talks About Going to TNA & Current TNA Product

Arda Ocal of The Baltimore Sun has an article featuring quotes from Mr. Anderson promoting Friday’s live event in Aberdeen, Maryland. Here are some highlights.

Decision to go to TNA, working as a pro wrestler: “It took a while [to decide to go to TNA]. It was not one of those things that I couldn’t wait till my 90 days was up so I could jump over. It was like nine months, almost a year, where it was talked about a little bit. At that point, I was kinda not done with the business but nice to step back and take some time off and re-evalute and figure out what I wanted to do. …

“I always wanted to do something in the entertainment industry, if it was acting or something in show business. When I found wrestling I was like, ‘This has got everything that I like.’ It’s got showmanship, it’s highly athletic and highly competitive. We are a scripted television show, however it is a very competitive business and it’s one of the most competitive things I’ve done in my life and I have played competitive sports before. It is just as competitive as legitimate sports. People just don’t understand that — people don’t ever get a chance to. We don’t peel the curtain that far back to let you in. It is an extremely competitive environment.”

Current state of the product: “I really like where the product is going,” he said. “We don’t sit around and talk and pat ourselves on the back. … We are our biggest critics. You have a lot less criticism floating around in the locker. [The wrestlers] are happier now, they’re happier with what they’re doing, they’re happier with their story line. Nothing is scripted like it used to be. The thing that drives me nuts is when someone hands you a script and says, ‘Be yourself and say this right here’ — exactly the way that I have written [it].”

  • SYM

    Do I say OMG? Like really, ur a idiot and the fact that you have to act like me Skip, because u get no reaction, or JohnCena33, because No one likes u is pretty pathetic.

  • SYM

    OMG seriously I’m SYM would everyone stop using my damn name that goes for both of you

  • Bill

    No matter what, I’ll always feel that a certain “Loud-Mouth” had potential to be a legend in the WWE… Miiiiisssssttteeerrrrr Kennnnneeddddyyyyyy!……..Kennedy!

  • SYM


  • SYM

    Still, it’s not like you can argue with what he said. Most wrestlers are going to be happier when they have some degree of control over the way their character reacts. Some guys have obviously prospered in the new environment. They get more ownership over their character.

    As far as TNA goes, it’s probably true that he’s just being a good employee, but it also seems to be true that morale is higher now than it was a year ago.

  • CC

    Remember when Anderson/Kennedy used to post stuff like this about WWE?
    He isnt a stupid man, and knows not to bad mouth the company he works for, but I will never take his word as gospel after his comments about WWE now totally contradict his previous comments. If he leaves TNA, he will probably contradict what he is saying now.
    I like the guy, but he just comes across as too much of a suck up when he is working for a company.
    I dont expect him to bad mouth them, but he really doesnt have to come across as a kiss arse so much.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    randy orton vs kennedy, wrestlemania 29 in a streetfight. BOOK IT!!!