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Andy Leavine Threatens Luke Robinson On Twitter, Jillian Hall Comments On Return

— A fan on Twitter informed Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine of critical comments runner-up Luke Robinson made during a recent interview. Robinson stated last week that Leavine used pity to win the contest by saying he has children to take care of.

Leavine wrote to Robinson on Twitter, “All the BS aside its over now. You want to run your mouth? Remember if you make it here-I’m already in the locker room.”

— Former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall participated in her first match since leaving WWE on June 18 at an independent show in Orlando, Florida. She reveals in an interview with that she was not completely ready to return to the squared circle and was nervous as a result.

“My nerves came from me not knowing if I was ready to be in a ring again,” Hall explains. “When I left WWE, there was a part of me that truly thought that chapter of my life was over. I had turned down many requests to do a match before taking the Orlando show because it just didn’t feel right and on top of that my body wasn’t and still isn’t 100%. You wouldn’t think it, but it was a very emotional day for me.”

She continued, “I was nervous up until the very moment I walked out that night. I wasn’t sure how the people would react to me. When I walked out and turned “Jillian” up, it felt very natural like I had done it yesterday. I was literally afraid I was going to throw up when I took my first bump, but that, also, was very natural. The crowd accepted me even though I wasn’t 100% and that’s something I really appreciated.”

The interview is available here.

  • Stumpy

    You guys are missing the real story in this article… Jillian Hall is returning to wrestling… YEA! (please note this is said with a great deal of sarcasm)

  • Jonesy

    I can understand Andy selling a stunner, but a slap from a 60 year old man come on are you serious bro?

  • Justin

    Daniel Pena:

    Please rephrase the headline of the article. The “threatened” is very misleading and it makes you look like you have no credibility. I, like others, shook my head when I read what the twitter comment was.

  • bloodstone

    is me or is Luke a crybaby come on let the shit go already

  • Notingham

    If anyone watched that video (it’s on youtube)… he stays down for a good amount then rolls to the outside and stays down on a knee feeling the affects. It’s not like he took a stunner and a sledgehammer to the head. It was a good amount of selling and it got him out of the ring and hte focus on vince and austin.

    As the guy befor eme said, if he had stayed out cold in the ring he would have been called a failure for doing that.

  • shawn

    “already in the locker room” is a very bold comeback towards luke to me after hearing about wrestlers ex-communicating rude and ignorant people. wrestlers wont take akin to luke and have him dress in a stall and be on there merry ways so they can call their kids.

  • rko

    If it wasn’t that, JAL would have scolded him for holding up the segment by not getting out of the ring fast enough. Sometimes you can’t win with some people.

  • BlahH

    The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine had heat with VP of Talent Relations Johnny “Ace” Laurinaitis following the season one TE finale on Raw a few weeks ago.

    Laurinaitis was reportedly upset that Leavine did not sell the slap by Vince McMahon or the Stunner by Stone Cold Steve Austin long enough on TV and for the live crowd. For those who missed it, Leavine took the moves from both Vince and Austin, rolled out of the ring, then got up and headed to the back.

    Leavine reportedly told officials backstage that he got up quickly because he knew R-Truth was on his way out to the ring next, and he wanted to hurry up and get to the back so as not to be in Truth’s way for his upcoming segment.

  • We all know Andy is soft though, topic is just too exciting lol.

  • Andrew

    and just like that, Luke’s on his way to a storyline w/ Andy….

  • venom

    Yea, I was expecting a more brutal comment than that.

  • nnla

    how is that a threat? lol