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Angela Fong Discusses WWE Release, Declining TNA, Being Mistaken For Gail Kim

Former WWE Diva, Angela Fong (known in WWE as Savannah) has opened up about her time and release in the company.

Other topics include her training in FCW, how she grew to love wrestling, working with the likes of Serena, working as a ring announcer, declining a TNA tryout and being mistaken for Gail Kim.

Interview can be streamed or downloaded here:


On her release: “It was heartbreaking. […] I didn’t expect it at all that’s why I think it was so surprising. Sometimes some of the people on the roster, you see it coming or you’re not happy, or something’s there that you kind of expect it. I had no idea… literally, no idea.”

“It was very sad. Three years doesn’t sound like a long time compared to some other people in the company who’ve been there for 10 years. But being a girl in your 20s, spending three years moving away from your hometown, immersing in a completely different world, it’s a lot, especially when you fall in love with it. That’s when it’s the hardest. Sometimes now I wish I didn’t like it as much as I do because it would’ve been a lot easier to be like ‘Alright, next thing’. And it wasn’t like that. I was really sad for a while and had no idea what to do with myself for a couple of months.”

On Jamie Keyes, who was her successor as ring announcer, becoming a wrestler on NXT3 instead of her: “That’s probably what made me so upset when I saw that, actually. She was with the company for like six months and she wasn’t even comfortable really wrestling. I had her first match, I remember [in] FCW and she wasn’t very comfortable. That’s what’s one of those things, it’s like, she liked ring announcing and she wasn’t as comfortable in the ring and they put her in the ring. That’s so random.”

“I think about that and I’m like, she [Jamie] quit. She didn’t want to do it anymore. She didn’t like it and she asked for her release. And then the other girl [Ashley Valence]… She also quit. It’s crazy. I’m like, why would you release the person that loves it and would do ring announcing or wrestling or whatever, and then hire these other girls and they quit?”

On declining a TNA tryout: “At the time, they had emailed me right when my 90 days was over and asked me to come for a tryout. I appreciated it because I had thought that’s what I wanted. A couple of months before that, I totally would have but by that time I started becoming passionate about other things in my life. I started getting modelling opportunities and I got to do a short film out in LA that was awesome. It was just all these other opportunities, I’m like ‘Wow, there’s all these other things I could do’. I like TNA and I watch it from time to time and a lot of people I know are in it. You never know, it could still happen, but at the time it just wasn’t right for me.”

On being mistaken for Gail Kim: “Oh my god. [It happened] a lot. At first it was just funny, then it was just ridiculous because we would be in the same room and people would think I was Gail. It was crazy because you’re like, ‘Okay, there could be more than one Asian person here’. We’re totally different. She was really cool. Her being older and more experienced than me, I travelled with her here and there. It’s funny because we would purposely walk besides each other at the airport to see what people would do. Like, to see who people thought was who.”

  • Karl

    I had not heard that Jaime had asked to be released. Too bad; she had a great body and if she picked up the wrestling skills, she… well, been underutilized, put into poorly written scenarios, and released in two years — this IS WWE, after all.

    Case in point, Angela Fong. The few times I saw her wrestle she was quite impressive. And I don’t blame her for not going to TNA after her experience in WWE.

  • kane

    after hearing the rumors about how tna pays women, you can’t blame her for saying no to them.

  • Paul123

    i think she also still wrestles, in the indies scene. i may be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that she is a champion for some promotion at the moment.

  • Paul123

    angela fong was used so badly in the wwe. she could actually wrestle, and was better in the ring than rosa mendes, kelly kelly and so many other divas.
    she was fluent in the ring, and looked comfortable. watch her on youtube, because she was actually really entertaining.
    she and serena deserved a better chance in the wwe.

  • So she denied TNA to pursue other things so she was just another model using WWE as a stepping stone to other things

  • CC

    Not being funny, but how can she complain about getting overlooked by people like Jaime when she then says that she turned down the opportunity to wrestle elsewhere because she got into modelling and tv.
    She really doesnt sound any different to a lot of these females in WWE who only do the wrestling to become famous so they can get into acting etc.
    If she was that passionate about wrestling she would do both, not turn her back on it to go off and do modelling.

    You can accept when someone like Trish or Lita did it because they put in their time, and then decided that they wanted to retire before they lost the chance to do other things that they wanted to do.

    She may have been a good wrestler, but she is the one who has decided she would rather model.

  • venom

    Okay, thanks. I never watched Superstars and only watched the first season of NXT. Maybe thats why I am not familiar with her.

  • cyndi

    she was to FCW what Noami Night is to FCW today she was a good wrestler better the girls their pushing now you should youtube she was in development with the likes of Alicia Natalya Rosa

  • skyn

    @venom ring announcer for nxt and superstars

  • venom

    I remember hearing about Fong, but what did she do? Did she wrestle?