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Angelina Disses Snooki Over WWE Appearances, Vickie Comments on TNA, More

– Madison Square Garden is giving away 2 free ringside tickets and a backstage meet and greet for the WWE RAW live event this Saturday in New York City. All you have to do to become eligible is re-tweet one of their messages at @MSGSportsNYC.

– Vickie Guerrero was asked on Twitter if she would ever go to TNA. She replied: “I would never go to TNA…no disrespect to anybody…WWE is my family…period”

Vickie also noted that she has lost 50 pounds after working with a personal trainer as of late.

– Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pavernick, who is training for a career in TNA, had some harsh words for current Jersey star Snooki for her appearance on WWE’s RAW and WrestleMania 27. Angelina told TMZ that Snooki is trying to rip her off by becoming a wrestler and called her “a fat troll who should never wear those shorts … or be in a wrestling ring.”

  • wow big words for angelina she should grow up jst because sheis on tna she think she is big no one cares.. angelina

  • Bill

    @Chappo, I think he’s just a kid. Apparently, he’s not just obsessed with John Cena. He seems to like Michael Cole & Jeff Hardy, too. (His name is a tad bit suspicious, too. Haha!)

  • Chappo

    bill sucks is starting to sound like that one dude who was banned from this site for spamming cena crap on every thread…

  • theviewtvshow

    bill sucks sounds like he is a fluffer from india, none of the prostitutes should be on tv period

  • bill sucks

    snooki n angela rule! cena 4 life!!!! aaaaaallllllll ooooooffffff u r stupid for not wnting da jerzy shore on raw! cena rules! rocky drools!

  • eli64

    Snooki wants smoosh smoosh

  • deva

    well Im going to see angelina tonight at the school , I will personally ask her if she said that.. just for fun hahahaha

  • Gary

    ^ TOTALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY AGREE, he was crying atone point cause he kne whe was bombing so bad! lol

    Honestly, Snooki looked better with that Snookie-press and the smack on vickie. She did better on the mic then angelina did in her promo on tna… i am glad to see Angelina is traininng atleast….but she needs to stop hatin…Might end Up JWoW vs Anglina lol

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Could have been worse, they could’ve both bombed like “The Situation” on the Donald Trump Roast

  • kane

    as if angenlina’s company isn’t ripping off snookie with the whole cookie thing. stop the hate. no one cares.

  • nick

    its funny how angelina believes she should be in a wrestling ring

  • Steve

    She’s just bitter that she’s not in a real wrestling company like WWE and not wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. Instead, she will be at the iMPACT Zone (the smallest stage of them all?) until TNA management gets smart and starts to cut the fat from the roster and return TNA to its former self (meaning no old guys pining for a paycheck, no celebrity wannabes and no more BS!).

  • Hunter

    Snooki was more convincing than stone cold with the theroux press =p

  • Quezito

    Sounds like hate to me…

  • scooter

    as much as neither of them belong in wrestling at least angelina is looking to train unlike snooki who can just walk in and get a match at wrestlemania

  • kyle

    theres no need for any of that jersey shore bullshit to be on tv

  • keylo

    Well she does look like a umpa lumpa

  • mark

    Thats really harsh, is there really any need to be so personal!!!

  • al

    neither of them jersy shore people should be in any wrestling ring