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Angelina Love Granted Release From TNA Wrestling

Angelina Love, a record-setting five-time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, announced Sunday via Twitter that she has been granted her release from TNA Wrestling.

“To all my wonderful fans, just want to let you know I have been granted my release from TNA,” she wrote. “It was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I’ve had there over the years. Now I’m on to the next amazing chapter of my life! If you are looking to book me please contact John at Thank you so much!”

Velvet Sky, who initially drew fame alongside Love as “The Beautiful People,” addressed the departure of her friend and former tag team partner.

“Such a damn shame!! So much left to do there! I know you’re gonna move on to big things bud, good luck and as always I love u!!” Sky wrote on Twitter.

Love responded to Sky, “I love u with all my heart, we did something so amazing with TBP and the memories from that will last forever! I cherish our friendship so much, thank you for EVERYTHING Ebud!!”

Their characters were portrayed as arrogant blonde Barbie dolls, whose main goal as a team was to “cleanse” the TNA roster “one ugly person at a time,” based on their belief that their physical appearance was superior to all others. The duo was such a success that even WWE took notice and made their own group of narcissistic and vain bullies. Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer has said that LayCool was devised due to WWE’s creative department being embarrassed by the Love/Sky tandem making their female roster look second-rate by comparison.

  • Sonny

    Maybe Shimmer bound or the other female wrestling promotions would love to see her against melina, cheerleader melissa, or sara del ray

  • SYM

    @The Awesome One actually no. I’d rather work in TNA less dates, cutting ur own promos, and actual Wrestling. Not “You Can’t Shee” every monday, not “I win 3-on-1 handicap every Live Show (including SmackDown tapings)”

  • The Awesome One

    forget the last comment lol

  • The Awesome One

    to finish what i was saying you would go to wwe in a heart beat

  • The Awesome One

    SYM stfu if you had a chance you would go to wwe in a heart beat

  • SYM

    How did I guess that the Very First comment would say “Go to WWE or something along those lines”. People not Every Great Wrestling talent belongs in the WWE. Also why should she go to the WWE when they only give Divas a 40 second Match? Like forreal stop sucking that WWE tit.

  • Rob Buck

    I would rather see Angelina then the anorexic yelly yelly anyway. I’m glad she’s out of WWE

  • King Albert

    Lol at wwe bound, she needs to hang with that fat karma for a while. Too skinny. no cunt wants to see her anyway.

  • Rob Buck

    I would totally put her in a storyline with cody rhodes. One of the most awesomely arrogant pairs in Pro Wrestling.

  • Sammo

    She looks too much like a crack-whore to be employed by PG WWE.

  • ant

    wowww tna good job pushing away one of your veteran knockouts i mean maybe if u guys would have put her in a decent storyline she would have stayed,20 bucks that winter is the next to ask for her release

  • Little Jimmy

    If I was WWE I’d sign her ASAP she’s got the edge on the majority of the divas.

  • Logan

    Damn gone again?! Saddens me, it does.

  • The Awesome One

    WWE Bound Perhaps ?