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Angelina Love Responds To Report That She Has Issues With Her Weight

TNA Knockout Angelina Love posted a humorous photo on her Facebook account poking fun at an online report that she has an eating disorder.

She posted the following image of herself chowing down with the caption reading “Dear dirtsheets…….”

Angelina Love

The image is in response to a report indicating that her fellow Knockouts believe she has gotten too thin in recent months and has developed an eating disorder. Love reportedly denied having any problems when confronted.

  • bloodstone

    i still tap that ass

  • theviewtvshow

    i’d do her if she was a brunette

  • Renz

    man she still hot as. i wouldnt say she has an eating disorder! dont forget shes a PT and prob works out more than anybody else. besides if she was beyond thin then be worried

  • shawn

    oh no you wouldn’t angelina! try ordering a large vegetarian pizza one saturday and have all of it because you had a whole meatlovers pizza the one before. yeah i know she wouldn’t benefit from that but that meal did not look proportionate to me thats all.ha ha

  • Trixie

    Yeah pictures don’t prove anything. But I don’t think she looks too terribly thin. I mean, when you can see the rib cage from the back, now that’s too thin.

  • Irate TNA fan

    Id still do her!!

  • Chris

    She definitely looks too skinny especially when you factor in the 32 pounds of makeup she covers her face in

  • adam

    I agree with Jon-Jon i mean i have always found her attractive but when you can see the rib cage that seems more like just workin out. Also as everyone has said these pictures prove nothing ya you baught it and hold it up to your mouth but not actually eating it.

  • The only parts on her that aren’t thin as hell are the fake ones. I’ve always thought she had some sort of weight problem, because she has ALWAYS looked to thin to me. When you can see her rib cage, there’s a problem.

  • George

    I didn’t know that. I don’t eat fast food. Now I see the subway wrapper. lol

  • Shay

    True, pictures don’t prove a damn thing. But in my opinion, it seems like she has a lean, athletic body. Nothing “eating disorder” about it. When one leads a certain lifestyle, be it sports etc, of course they’re going to watch what they eat, hence the reason they look like they do. It’s not like she’s emaciated and gaunt in a distasteful way.

  • Will Henderson

    if you are gonna prove to people you don’t have a Eating disorder, don’t take a pic, take a video of you eating food instead.

  • Cody

    @ George

    She actually has a Subway Flat-bread sandwich and not a taco. However, I agree with the rest of what you said. This picture proves nothing definitively one way or another.

  • George

    This doesn’t really prove anything. She’s holding a bag of chips and a taco up to her mouth. She might not have ate it. Or she could have thrown it all up.

    I’m not saying that I believe she has an eating disorder. She might. I guess I’ll never know.


    issues with her weight.

    she has hell of a shape on her.

  • Ant

    hahaha good on her