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- Angelina Love, who will take on former TNA Wrestling rival Winter at Top Rope Pro Wrestling’s New Year’s Chaos on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013, at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Kentucky, promoted her appearance in an interview with the Augusta Free Press as she recalled her start in the professional wrestling industry.

Growing up “slightly tomboyish” and a fan of wrestling dating to when she was 7-years-old, Angelina Love, whose real name is Lauren Williams, enrolled in a wrestling school in Canada at age 18, and “after three weeks of training, wanted to just quit.” Frustrated that she wasn’t getting it, Love actually quit wrestling for a few weeks before giving it another shot.

“I just loved wrestling so much that after a few weeks, I was just, I need to get back in the ring and see if i can figure this out,” Love said. “Once I got back into the ring and started training, doing arm drags and realizing how to do this properly and do that properly, once you’re finally able to do things properly, you start to feel better about yourself and your learning abilities. So it got better from there.”

Though she does not regret becoming a wrestler, it has been a grueling life.

“I’ve had more injuries than I’d wanted to ever get,” Love said. “And travel – “if you like to travel, it’s good. Some people get sick of it real quick. I still like it,” said Love. “For a lot of people, being away from home is tough. For me, I pretty much just say with my condo that I pay my cats’ rent, because they live here more than I do.”

In response to people who dislike women’s wrestling, she says, “Some people hate women’s wrestling, some people love it. It’s their opinion. I always go out there and do my best to give people reasons to love it.”

- Daizee Haze made her first appearance at a wrestling event in over a year last Saturday at a Dynamo Pro Wrestling event in Glen Carbon, Illinois, as she accompanied MsChif to the ring for her match against Sean Vincent.

CHIKARA announced last year that Haze would be taking an indefinite hiatus from professional wrestling to focus on her “health and recovery.” The promotion, however, publicly attributed Haze’s leave of absence to a storyline rather than a legitimate private matter. The indy standout’s health drew great concern as she appeared emaciated in her last appearances.

  • shelton

    hell just face it love you are getting old hun

  • eric

    There is alot talent good women wrestlers wrestle in indys. jessica havoc, sara del ray, daffney, hayley hatred, annie social, who would make women divison great. if used right. wwe had great women divison. in 2000-2006 with trish, lita, molly holly, victoria, gail kim, jazz, beth, mickie james etc also in 2006-2010 it was decent divison. with mccool vs melin feud. lay-cool heel faction keeping divas interesting. vince giving group. divas alot tv time. vince just doesn’t care anymore about divas. which is really sad!

  • eric

    I love wrestling. all kinds of wrestling mainstream wrestling tna wwe. or indies. been wrestling fan since i was little kid. fan for over 20 yrs. i love women wrestling. on indy level and even tna. wwe it is lame. they hire these models. who are eye candy. nice to look at. but majority of them can’t wrestle at all over past 10 yrs. miss jackie, stacy keibler, maria, ashley massaro, bella twins, kelly kelly, christy hemme, would love to see more female wrestlers hired. than models. models are good for valets for mid card wrestlers in wwe. they make bad wrestlers. victoria tara, trish, were rare exceptions. majority of models last 10 yrs have been flops. wish vince would hire women wrestlers from indies.

  • keylo
  • keylo
  • scooter

    Scarlette Bordeaux, Jessie Mckay, Amber O’neal, Cherry Bomb, Kay Lee Ray, Shanna, Sara Marie Taylor, Carmel Jacobs, Lisa Fury and Erin Angel are all great wrestlers and very attractive girls yet WWE would rather sign models. I just don’t get it!

  • Break it down

    Love would do well in WWE along with Velvet sky not sure why TNA got rid of those 2

  • Robinson

    ^^^^ very well said man.

  • My Morning Jacket

    For me wrestling is wrestling I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and training for it now. WWE is the only women’s wrestling I hate. They’re not taken seriously only as eye candy. Trish, Lita, Molly Holly etc. could wrestle and be eye candy at the same time. Now they have their most technically gifted female wrestler farting and in a romance storyline with Khali.

  • Fred

    Happy to hear that Daizee is returning. Hopefully, she’ll be back in the ring very soon.

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