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– One of the men holding Cody Rhodes’ Intercontinental Title at WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was independent wrestling star Luke Hawx.

– WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd took a shot at the Sin Cara match from WWE’s Hell in a Cell last night. He wrote: “Best part about being either Sin Cara? Having the mask means you don’t have to show your face after that performance.”

– There has been talk within WWE of using the term “Octoberto Del Rio” for new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, something like a Mr. October deal for him. The idea was taken from when UFC used “Brocktober” for Brock Lesnar one year.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • venom

    I’m glad Del Rio won the belt back.

  • Hunter

    Nothing wrong with del rio. Hate to think you don’t like him purely because punk doesn’t have the belt?

  • CM Mark

    The only angle I want to see Del Rio in is the one that takes him back to the mid card where he belongs.

  • TVMadeMeDoIt

    Octoberto sounds more like some shitty octopus gimmick than a themed month. On second thought, an octopus gimmick would probably be better than what they’re doing now.

    And shouldn’t they dedicate a full month to someone the fans actually, ya know, give half a shit about instead of one of the most forced champs in the last ten years?

    Never mind, that would make sense.

  • Dave S

    They both stole the name for baseball.

  • SandyRavage

    Herp Derp

  • RJ

    WWE taking UFC ideas huh guess they are paying attention

  • mahhad heins

    how original…. by the way im from india……. lol

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