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Angle Says WWE Wants Him Back, WWE Signs Wrestler Son of Actor & Musician

– TNA star Kurt Angle says WWE is knocking on his door but he’s sticking with TNA. When a fan asked Angle if he would be showing up at WWE’s Royal Rumble, he replied:

“Nope! I’m Happy Where I Am. No Rumble for Me!!!! My Loyalty Is With Tna. Wwe Is Knocking On My Door, But I Won’t Answer.”

Earlier in the week, Angle told Jim Ross:

“You Will Call My Last Match. Somehow. Love You.”

Angle also wished Jack Swagger much success in WWE, after making comments in the past about Swagger using the ankle lock.

– WWE has signed independent wrestler Jody Kristofferson to a developmental deal. Jody is the son of actor and musician Kris Kristofferson.

Kristofferson impressed Triple H months ago at a tryout, even more when he found out who his father was, and word is that the deal has been in place for some time but WWE didn’t want it getting out. Jody finished up with the APW promotion in California this weekend and will likely start with FCW in Tampa next month.

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  • Jericho4life

    Kurt Angle should really go to WWE …. Vince Mcmahon Created Kurt Angle and TNA Destroyed him !!

  • RaTeD R

    few more years lol

  • RaTeD R

    down the line line a few more ears from now kurt will be the one wanting to go bk to the WWE

  • adam tarasievich

    If loyalty ment shit to Kurt then when wwe let him go to handle what was problems with drugs and pain he wouldnt of jumped ship right away to tna.

  • venom

    Does everybody on here even know what Angle looks like today? He is in the same shape as spike dudley. I thin k he was drunk when he tweeted again.

  • jake the snake

    man fuck kurt angle!! his old skinny arm ass ain’t what he use to be and that’s real, that’s damn real.. i must admit though i like what he’s doing for james storm

  • Nicholas G

    Sting legacy can never be buried. To me Sting was WCW period which is what TNA was trying to become.

    On Kurt Angle hey don’t hate the guy for what he has done in the ring in the past one of the best. But not anymore like some of his fans may want to believe. The guy has more problems than WWE could handle right now. An he is just to full of himself the way he think he is better then anybody that every step in the Pro Wrestling ring. To me Angle has done nothing for TNA but look out for himself which the same goes for Hogan and the rest of those old WWE guys. Tell me who has Kurt Angle really put over since he got to TNA. Can’t say AJ because he was already over.

    One more thing the who WWE being PG thing is an old argument. Because currently TNA is not PG an how great are they doing right now. If the Attitude era was so great which to me TNA is still living in. Why is it that it hasn’t work out for TNA?

  • Diesel

    I’m not hating on Angle by the way & neither am I a “TNA fanboy”, I just think Kurt’s better than that. Same goes for Sting when there was all that hype about him coming in last year with those promos, I think both guys are phenomenal but I’d much rather see them in a positive light then have them go sign with a guy like Vince McMahon and watch them either get buried or doing some stupid angle WWE creative might’ve cooked up after a night of heavy drinking.

  • john

    What’s with all the hate for Angle? He’s one of the best of all time. Can someone enlighten me? Im being sincere. I don’t follow TNA wrestlers as much and don’t know what he’s done in recent years outside the ring.

  • chronoxiong

    Was Kurt Angle’s twitter account hacked again?

  • Diesel

    @ Saammo

    Difference is all those guys you mentioned were “gimmick” wrestlers, Cena isn’t a gimmick he’s just had the same stale style for 7 years running.

  • Sammo


    You’re looking at WWE with rose-tinted glasses there, dude.

    It’s just plain dumb to complain about Cena being a cartoon character when early 90s WWF was absoloute dominated by cartoon-like gimmicks – Tatanka, Doink the Clown, IRS, El Matador, Isaac Yankem, Papa Shango, Repo Man, The Mountie, The Smoking Gunns, Big Boss Man… The list goes on and on.

    And yeah, the 80s might have produced some classic matches – but we’re talking a handful each year. The weekly television tapings were made up of one sided squash matches full of sleeperholds and armbars. It’s an era of wrestling I don’t really miss at all.

  • Diesel

    Thing is I don’t want to see Kurt back there, as a longtime old school WWF fan & ECW original I can honestly say the WWE is pretty much a shell of its former self. Now it’s just a bland, un-imaginitive, cheesy comedy show. I mean we’ve gone from great moments like Hogan vs Savage, Savage vs Steamboat, Austin vs Rock, Bret vs HBK, The Monday Night Wars, The Attitude Era and many many other unforgettable moments to what??… John Cena being nothing more than a cartoon character and having the same stale character since 2005, Hornswaggle??, horribly booked stars and crappy title divisions.

  • lobotony

    Why would WWE want Kurt Angle?

    Because he’s Kurt Angle.

  • Lord KGM

    Greg ur one of the few ppl with sense in this place. Kurt Angle is the best wrestler in wrestling today. Period, I watch WWE regularly and one guy comes close to his in ring apparatus. Alberto Del Rio, the technical stand point is what amazes me when Angle wrestles. To that one kid who says Kurt only looks out for Kurt, WWE had him under contract with them at one point as the highest paid wrestler in the organization. Guess what Mr. Money did? Went to TNA to build his legacy in this business as a legitimate legend. I never have like looking too far into the personal lives of wrestlers because its really not that interesting and plus its just childish. Humans make mistake and last I remember Angle is made of flesh and blood like every human being, not metal. Enough said the lord has spoken!

  • Greg

    And over a hundred people liked my comment and everytime i refreshed the number changed lol so ik im not the only one who thinks he shud go back

  • Greg

    Lol kurt posted that comment on facebook then I commented on his status and gave several reasons why he should go back to wwe…. motherfucker blocked me hahaha

  • JIR

    I had a wild thought should the do something like Cole vs JR at WM28 Angle (face) should be JR’s coach like Cole uses Swagger

  • Valo487

    I guess as long as Angle is an active wrestler Anheiser Busch stock will never go down.

  • keylo

    Date: Jan 16, 2012 at 5:28 AM

    Really Kurt really why would WWE want a headace like Kurt. Oh an don’t pull this loyalty crap because the only person Kurt looks out for is Kurt.

    lol as yeah like wwe has never hired anyone out for themselves, do shut up u wanker

  • Nicholas

    Really Kurt really why would WWE want a headace like Kurt. Oh an don’t pull this loyalty crap because the only person Kurt looks out for is Kurt. I been saying this for a while it is a Kurt Angle who wants to go back to WWE and WWE not wanting him back. If Vince open up the check book Kurt Angle would come running.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    Another soon to be superstar joining the WWE just because their daddy has money. Ugh..

  • Mark

    Kurt is on drugs again

  • Mark

    Kurt is on drugs again

  • Ron Damon

    He’s trying to pull a Jeritroll. Besides “Loyalty” doesn’t mean much in the wrestling world.

  • Hasan

    Haha wtf Kurt ? Keep dreamin’ son ! This guy thinks too much of himself.

  • LSC

    It is obvious his Twitter account was hacked again…