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Former Announcer Thinks CM Punk Needs To Bulk Up, Update On Ezekiel Jackson

– Former WWE announcer Jack Korpela issued a survey to his Twitter followers asking which current WWE or TNA Wrestling Superstar has the most potential to be a major “crossover” star. When a person named CM Punk, he responded, “CM Punk has the in ring talent and great mic skills. Could use a few more pounds of muscle though.”

Another person vouched for Punk’s potential. Korpela reiterated, “He’s damn good. Needs to improve physique though. Hogan, Rock, Austin all looked the part.”

When a person named Dolph Ziggler, Korpela said his height works against him. He wrote, “Is an amazing talent. Great physique, charisma and mic skills. Only thing working against him is he isn’t tall.” However, he then clarified, “Ziggler has it all and he CAN make it. All I’m saying is it’s harder for the smaller guys to get over.”

– Ezekiel Jackson was backstage at last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina, but not used. He also did not participate in this weekend’s SmackDown live event tour. He stated on Twitter that he will be attending tomorrow’s SmackDown taping in Manchester, New Hampshire.

  • TrevorAllen23 @Twitter

    CM Punk has all the right attributes to carry the company, only if they allow him to.

  • voice of reason

    punk is a wiry guy & bulking up would look weird on him

  • Rated R

    This guy not heard of Chris Jericho?

  • moo

    This guy sounds like a fag.

  • Tyler(:

    Anyone who argues with my opinion on CM Punk being overrated needs to come read these comments. LOL.

  • F BOMB

    @CC agree but Shawn was not that big of a “crossover” star. Sure us wrestling fans knew him but Shawn aint on the cover of people star us sporting news espn so i see what jack is saying

  • CC

    Korpela knows jack shit. Is he saying that Shawn Michaels didnt have the look? The Chris Jericho doesnt have the look?
    Sounds like that idiot doesnt realise that variety makes things more interesting. Nobody needs a roster full of jocks and meat heads.

  • WWEfan

    Like we need any more larger than life baby-oil lathered guys….

  • SYM

    Jack Korpela? Really? The guy who announced on WWE Superstars?

  • poko

    Though I disagree from the point of view of a wrestling fan, I do understand what he’s saying with regards to the “crossover” question. I think a lot of casual fans do put a heavier emphasis on physique. Women, especially, will often favor someone who looks like Cena over someone who looks like Punk, and I think the same is true for kids who are looking for a “superhero” type character. Punk probably would be more popular with an extra 20 pounds of muscle.

    Personally, though, I’d rather not see a performer sacrifice an ouch of agility or quickness just for the sake of “looking the part”.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    The only thing Punk needs is opportunities to be the #1 guy in the company. I’m happy he’s had a relatively long title reign, but he hasn’t been the last match on a PPV since TLC (Cena wasn’t on the card).

    Meanwhile Cena has main-evented 8 of the last 9 PPV’s with the Rumble being the only exception.

    There is no good reason for Cena/Laurinitus being last over Punk/Bryan at Over The Limit. Even when Cena’s not champion or in the title picture, he’s still the main event every month. The one thing that Punk NEEDS is opportunities in the main event (not muscle mass), and he sure as hell has earned it.

  • shawn

    he needs muscles? hes the WWE champion and he has a dvd coming out. and he is bulking up, I can tell. as for Ziggler, the man has talent and great stamina, a must for a main event.

  • Sammo

    Is Jack Korpela living in 1990?

  • mark

    I have to disagree. CM Punk is fine as he is , hes a wrestler. not someone with just 3 or 4 moves. Its wot makes him quick , agile and able to carry out his moves