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Anonymous Raw GM’s Post-Raw Announcement (Video), Tyler Reks On YouTube

— WWE has posted video of the Anonymous Raw General Manager’s major announcement following last night’s Raw broadcast.

As said by Michael Cole: “And I quote. Based on R-Truth’s victory tonight, R-Truth has earned a match with the WWE Champion. Therefore, as the main event at Capitol Punishment, John Cena will defend the WWE Championship against R-Truth on one condition. R-Truth must apologize next week for his abhorrent behavior tonight.”


— Raw Superstar Tyler Reks has opened an account on YouTube at

He posted a video preview of his “GET PWND” contest. The synopsis reads: “You want a shot at T-Reks on XBox Live? Here’s some highlights of a few games and what you can expect from T-Reks. Are you ready to get pwnd?”

  • Teran

    Oh cool Truth’s heel momentum is going to get buried by Cena yayyyy

  • venom

    They are probably going to hire somebody and say they have been the GM the whole time. What’s Rek’s online name?

  • Ron

    raw gm will probably quit/retire without anyone ever knowing…

  • kannon

    Can you imagine if Foley is truly fired from TNA? He would be 1 hell of a Raw GM.

  • The Cock that Walks

    Is anyone else so damn tired of this GM angle? Lets get rassling boys! Cut the drama.

  • shawn

    cole looks like a revenge of the nerds character in that darn photo.oh boy.

  • Justin

    I have a feeling even WWE has no idea who the GM is, which is why it’s been going on for such a long time. They have no one scheduled to be revealed. Tiring mystery storyline IMO.