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Anonymous WWE Star Rants On Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

With The Rock making his much anticipated return to Raw next Monday, John Cena had harsh words for “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment” on this week’s show, saying he’s no longer The People’s Champion, but he’s a champion with people (referring to the entourage around him). After strongly criticizing The Rock for returning, but not sticking around WWE, Cena vowed to beat the iconic grappler in his hometown of Miami, Florida at WrestleMania XXVIII.

A number of WWE performers appeared giddy backstage over Cena’s remarks as they legitimately feel that way over the actor/wrestler. One talent commented via text to (with permission to be quoted under the condition of anonymity): “[The Rock] comes in to use WWE to get back the audience he lost doing Disney movies, which is fine but he’s been back over a year and name one person he helped make a bigger star since then? No one.

“He’s here for himself, he keeps to himself, and he keeps someone who’s actually touring here all year from making a bigger payday at the bigger shows. It’s all about making this the “biggest” Mania of all time. OK, then what do we do the rest of the year? Who’s been made? You think he took ANY blame for Survivor [Series] not drawing? Of course not, but how do you feud with a guy on the Titantron? Cena nailed the guy dead on tonight.

“Say anything about HHH, Taker, etc. still being in the top spot but if they were needed to work the road, they would and they would still work their asses off as much as they needed to. Rock is out for Rock and the idea he’s here to better anything but his own wallet is the biggest work of 2012.”

  • Rafique Tucker

    OK, let’s get this out of the way–I’m a die-hard Rock fan, and I always have been, so I’m biased, but I have to say that I find this idea that the Rock is only doing this for his movie career ridiculous. Look, it’s not the Rock’s fault he’s still a top draw–the fan reaction is proof of that. He’s paid his dues in the WWE, and he decided to take his career to the next level, and was successful. When he said he’d never leave, surely he didn’t mean that he’d be onevery single show, every singlr night. I’m certain that if the Rock had been on Raw as much as Cena wanted him too, certain wrestlers would be complaining about him hogging their spot. You can’t win with some people–the Rock has reached levels of success that Cena (and the Miz) haven’t, and they’re jealous. Pure and simple.

  • Lord KGM

    People as wrestling fans SUCK! The Rock has made careers for Austin, HHH, Undertaker, etc. Those guys busted their asses but weren’t known until their feuds with the “people’s champion” and then they became global icons so spare the b.s. His movie contract probably prevents him from putting his body in danger to ensure he makes movies! Peace

  • Wolfy

    Seriously everyone acts like The Rock owes them his life along with all his free time and everything else. The man has his own life and things he wants to do with it. And If he came back and wrestled a bunch of matches before wrestlemania it would take away from it because the only reason people are gonna buy it is to see the Rock wrestle. If he wrestles a bunch of matches before hand the most people got to see what theyve been waiting to see for years. Not to mention he would probably have to win every match up until wrestlemania if u wanted to keep the hype up.

  • adam

    The thing is though that even if we do sound whinny the way rock said it was to make people believe he would actually even make apperances which we all knew he wouldnt. Rock has succeded in doing what he likes more and is less physically straining in doing movies good for him some of his movies are actually pretty damn good fast five was awesome and i am expecting GI Joe to be cool. But the only reason he honestly comes back is to get the wwe universe thinking about him again so he can push his movie and be like oh im back btw see me in this next movie. But he wont come out and say that he will just kind of tounge and cheek it were its under his breath. Like oh im back for the millions and millions and you can see me kick as in…fill in the blank. Admit it or not alot of his recent movies have bombed so to say rock put out hit after hit is kinda short sided. He came back because he needed the wwe univierse to help make those movies big again. All the wwe univierse wants in return is for him to make more then the undertaker one appearnce a year.

  • cheesehandler


    dont get me wrong , id hate on brock too if he tried to come back for just ONE night

  • rocky sucks

    i agree with cena,i hate you rocky look what you made me do.

  • @

    Devil Rising and D2K didnt have much to say 😐

  • joseph

    @jacob i agreed with most of what you said apart saying fans are just waiting for Taker to leave. Have you been listening to the crowds reaction for the past few weeks when he’s involved they seem to spring into life he’s the only reason i keep up with wwe at all when he retires it will be the end of so many things he is the last connection to the days of people like Hogan and Warrior very few if any wwe fans are waiting for him to leave. Him and Austin (admittedly mainly Austin) made the company successful again then Rock came to the fore in early to mid 99 not that i have anything against Rock i hope he beats Cena. just wanted to get my personal opinion across

  • Greg

    I think the problem is your taking what the rock said way too literally. He said he was never going away, meaning that he would always be around in some capacity there isnt a single person who heard that promo and actually thought he meant he was staying. He was just trying to say that he’d always come back an he would’nt spend so much time away. Thats all bro hes not a liar he just doesn’t need to explain things that intelligent people can infer.

  • venom

    Sounds like the Miz. Because they mentioned Survivor Series.

  • Epic

    Fuck Cena and Rock . We want Hornswoggle vs Michael Cole in main event of Wrestlemania 28 …

  • MrDr3w

    Sounds whiney like miz.

  • nirvana

    cena didn’t leave WWE because his movies were shit!!if he had got an offer from VIN DIESEL do you think he would have “stayed” in WWE??
    acting is not for him,so he sticks with wrestling!as you may call it his love for professional wrestling!!
    and about the rock being called a liar,are you a 12 year old cena mark??
    can’t you comprehend what the rock was trying to say??so for so many years the rock was away from WWE…he has been churning quite a hit movies in all these years…so now he says he’s never gonna leave and you believe he’s actually never gonna leave??
    he said he would be there for WWE fans!he didn’t mean he would wrestle week in and week out!!hell,he’s not even an employee of WWE!
    and just for the sake of asking,wouldn’t you jump the ship if you were given a better opportunity??haven’t you moved to some better job from your previous one?
    people move towards better things,that’s a fact!stop bitching and moaning!
    and another thing,all the things about cena being shit in wrestling (he actually is)is just forgotten because he gave one decent promo??now he must be the saviour of professional wrestling,isn’t it mate??

  • shawn

    hey i got something smart to say. he forgot to say “forever”! honk honk!

  • D2K

    I see a lot of Red Herrings in these posts. People keep using the “whiny bitch” argument because they aren’t intelligent enough to make an educated response to the situation. Then others keep bringing up how The Rock helped build the ‘Attitude’ Era, how he “transcended wrestling” and became it’s biggest star, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Who The Rock ‘was’, what he has accomplished, and who he is today is not the issue here. The Rock legacy will live forever in WWE. Nobody can take anything away from that, nore should they, and from what I’ve read in these posts no one is attempting to. There reason why people keep dancing around the real issue here is because they don’t have an answer for it. The reason why THEY do not have an answer is that The Rock did not have answer.

    The question is this. Why is it that The Rock is praised for telling bold-faced LIES? I sat in my chair approximately one year ago and listened to The Rock exclaim BOLDLY that…..

    The Rock: Thank you, I love you, and it is because of YOU that I am back in this ring and it is because of YOU and I GIVE YOU MY WORD that I am never, ‘EVER’ going away.

    Now he made a point to say this as “Dwayne” Johnson and not The Rock. HE made the clear distinction that this was not a work, but this was coming from his heart. HE did that. So what happened next? Take a guess. He left…AGAIN. Not only did he leave..AGAIN, but he signed on to do 3 or 4 new movies AFTER Wrestlemania. As a matter of fact, The Rock has more roles now and has more movies scheduled now than he has in the 7 years he’s been gone. This is going to keep him occupied for the next two years.

    Now I don’t have a problem with him doing his thing in Hollywood. If you got the chance to make it big out there and make in one picture the amount of money he probably made in salary throughout the entire Attitude Era, be my guest. I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. What’s so funny is that all his in-house detractors (Cena, Punk, Miz, etc) also share the same sentiment. The problem comes when The Rock comes out and says things like I juts posted above and then does the exact opposite. To make it even worse, he doesn’t even deny it. So either Hollywood has left Dwayne in a completely lost and delusional state where he believes his own BS is the gospel, he is suffering short-term memory loss, or he is using WWE and the WWE Universe for his own selfish purposes.

    There is no reason to make promises you cannot keep. I understand that he has a busy schedule. I get that. is that my fault? Is that the WWE Universe’s fault? No. He took on all those roles. Fine. if that is the case then he needs to be honest and tell people the truth for once.

    “I cannot wrestling even a semi-schedule because I have to much to do in Hollywood.” What’s wrong with that? It’s the truth isn’t it? It’s the actual situation at hand. The Rock isn’t just sitting around eating peanut butter sandwiches all day, he’s working. So why not just say that………oh… I know why.

    It’s because if The Rock told the truth that he values his career in Hollywood more than the WWE Universe and there fore chooses to send his time and energy their rather than entertaining the millions…..

    Crowd: (and millions!)

    ……then fans would turn on him as they have many times in the past before and one thing I have observed about Dwayne Johnson is that when it comes to fan perception he is INCREDIBLY insecure. He NEEDS to be seen, he NEEDS to be heard and he NEEDS to be acknowledged on a regular basis. He’s not going to be the guy sitting in a boat fly-fishing in his retirement years. He’ll still be right there in the thick of it doing something somewhere.

    So fans have a legitimate argument against The Rock in terms of being lied to because that is what he did. I don’t even fault him fro going off to Hollywood because as I stated before, no one of use would have turned those deals down. And if that was his new life, more power to him. The WWE did no ASK for The Rock to come back and they certainly did not ASK for The Rock to come back and make promises he knew full well he wasn’t going to be able to keep. HE made the decision to come back simply because he needed something from us, not because we needed something from him. It’s too easy to say that he just came back to promote ‘Fast 5’ and launch his twitter account (although those were partial reasons.)

    Now as far as John Cena goes, he FINALLY made the promo that I have been waiting to hear from him since this whole mess got started. He said EVERYTHING that I wanted to hear him say and EVERYTHING that needed to be said. Call it sour grapes if you want, but throughout a stretch in the middle-part of the last decade John Cena was doing as many films per volume as The Rock was doing. Granted they were craptacular straight-DVD movies, quality of the product is not the issue here. The issue is that John cena STAYED THERE. He wrestled a full schedule while WWE champion and still managed to do movies. Cena has manged to stay free of a lot of ‘major’ injuries, but the few he has had he still managed to fight through them and continue to perform. So the precedent was set by John Cena that you can do movies and wrestle at LEAST a partial-schedule.

    Then you add another element into this. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. He retired from in-ring action in 2003 and yet he has managed to stay relevant in the WWE Universe by participating in various PPVs, headlining Tough Enough, and many other ventures. Oh, he also was doing movies. So the problem with The Rock in the past was not that couldn’t come back, but that he WOULDN’T come back.

    People don’t have to accept the truth in order for the truth to be truth. The truth is that Dwayne Johnson is a liar. Simple as that. He’s a liar and has no problem with being a liar either. If The Rock truly loved the fans like he says he does, he would tell them the truth. However in today’s society people whom tell the truth are looked down upon. The most beloved people in today’s society are the biggest liars there ever were. I guess that is way a guy whom lied his way into the main event at Wrestlemania 28 is so beloved to the point that he gets standing-ovations while telling bold-faced lies. I guess that is why a company lies about the reason for the low PPV buyrates for a show with featured the return of good ole’ Honest Abe himself, The Rock. They they turn around and blame it on someone whom had nothing to do with it. All I ask for Dwayne to do is tell the truth. For some strange reason I don’t think that is going to happen.

  • grizz

    I think the Undertaker should get out of wrestling. How is he suppose to be the Undertaker and a Dead man both? The Rock should stay out of wrestling. Who needs him?

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    @HATER no but those were feature length movies this is probably a thirty minute match for a couple million bucks……. And I didn’t see the toothfairy so I don’t know what to say about it lol sorry

  • adam

    ya but that doesnt change my first point with out wwe rock wouldnt of been shit thats why he isnt bigger then wwe because with out wwe or wwf as it was then he wouldnt be were he is today.


    do you really beleive he is getting paid more than he made for his last few movies? Fast Five, G.I. Joe and The Tooth Fairy(Joke about the last one)?

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    Yeah rock puts boots to asses (as well as asses to seats) but I think the reason they’re really mad is because he doesnt care anymore he’s gonna leave again after he said he wouldn’t the rock has come home was the most true statement he made because they’re paying him out the butt and his home is where the most money is they wouldnt be mad if he was gonna stay

  • shawn

    note to W-E. it was with one click. that may be obvious to them since once we choose we cant choose again. no big deal maybe but it could be fixable i guess.

  • Logan

    Those people talking shit about Rock should be thanking him for their Wrestlemania payday.

  • Jacob

    The Rock haters kill me. They along with the other wrestling are upset for what….because Rock left WWE. Rock accomplished more in 8 years than 98% of the roster will accomplish in a lifetime and they are mad because he left and didn’t give them a phone call. If Rock stayed another 8 years he would be like HHH and Taker…guys we would be just waiting to leave and still complain. Its like with the Morrison thing. These guys are upset whenever Vince (Their Boss) invites someone to return and take a spot from someone like Drew McIntyre, a guy WWE doesn’t care enough to use even when Rock is gone. Jealously is running rampant in WWE and everytime someone anonymously bashes someone else to get a point across I think about Flair’s shoot on Carlito in regards to younger talent not having the stones to prove to themselves they belong to be here.

  • shawn

    Devil- Risings post was so good that i gave him 2 likes. how? i have absolutely no idea. ill stop with that though to be fair to everyone else.

  • Greg

    @devil rising
    Completely 100% true every word u said. Damn good luck anyone who wants to try an argue that

  • Devil_Rising

    @adam Sorry to break it to you, but The Rock IS “bigger than the WWE”. Know how? Because he is a star that has transcended. Crossed over. He is STILL to this day well known as “The Rock” the wrestler. But now he is also well known by people who DON’T ever watch wrestling, as Dwayne Johnson, the actor. Hulk Hogan became bigger than the WWF as well. Hogan was a cultural icon of the 80s and early 90s, bigger than any other star has ever been (contrary to what WWE tries to say about Rock or Austin). Hogan became so huge that EVERYONE knows who he is, even if they’ve never seen a single thing he’s ever been in, including wrestling.

    The Rock isn’t at that level yet, might never be. But he’s certainly a better actor than Hogan was, has better movie parts than Hogan did, and thus, he might have a chance, because his acting career will be longer term.


    I think you’ve got it a bit twisted. I appreciate your sentiment, but it’s directed at the wrong person. Take Brock Lesnar for example. Brock is the perfect example of someone who merely used the WWE, or the wrestling business in general, to get a name for himself, and then he left it all behind to go do other things, now that wrestling allowed him to do that.

    Rock certainly has also left the wrestling business, for the most part. But the DIFFERENCE is, he didn’t use WWF or the fans. He was around for the better part of 8 full years as a star in the WWF/E, and he was arguably the biggest star of the Attitude Era. Austin may have caught people’s attention, but Rocky is the one who held onto it the longest. Austin was forced to retire because of his neck. But he has tried to do the exact same thing that Rock has, going into movies. Austin “left wrestling” except for an appearance here or there too. So do you hate on Stone Cold for that as well?

    Difference is, Stone Cold and The Rock helped build the WWF back up and helped them beat WCW. Guys like Bret Hart, Undertaker, HBK (even though he was a douchebag), they kept WWF alive during those rough years after the steroid scandal. But Rock and Austin certainly helped bring the NON-hardcore fans back in, they helped bring the mainstream back in, and made WWF an even bigger success in the long run. You could argue that everything every WWE wrestler has now, they owe in large part to Stone Cold and The Rock. Brock Lesnar used the WWE and the business in general, to get famous, make money, and then he walked out, right when he was hot, and right when WWE arguably needed him most.

    Rock NEVER walked out. Did he do Mummy 2? Sure. Did he later do Scorpion King? Sure. But he kept coming back. He came right back in 2001, when HHH got injured and WWF was struggling to carry out that Invasion nonsense, who was it who came back in and saved the day, and carried the company on his back all the way into WM18? Who was it who came back and put Brock Lesnar OVER at Summerslam? Who was it who put Goldberg and The Hurricane over while he was building up to his last Rock vs. Stone Cold match at WM19? By the time Rocky left WWE after WM19, to start focusing on movies more, he had done everything, and had nothing left to gain or accomplish in this business. He didn’t use WWE to get famous. He helped THEM get famous again, and gave everything to the fans for the better part of a decade. He even came back and did the Rock ‘n Sock match at WM20. It wasn’t like he “just walked out”.

    Point is, Dwayne Johnson is a bigger star in both wrestling AND movies, than John Cena could ever hope to be. Cena has been shoved down our throats on a weekly basis for 7+ years now. And he isn’t ever going to get bigger than he is now. Rocky never got booed when he was a babyface, no matter WHAT he did. He got booed as a heel, but that was because he knew how to play a damn GOOD heel. And Rock isn’t a “some shitty actor”. Sure, a couple of his movies have been “meh”. But most of them have been anywhere from “okay” to actually really good. Gridiron Gang was fantastic, as was Faster.

    But regardless. Rock doesn’t owe WWE or it’s fans or John Cena jack shit. He gave his life to this business for a decade. He didn’t HAVE to come back and “host” WM27. He didn’t HAVE to agree to come back again and wrestle Cena at WM28. Is he gonna get paid? Sure. But so is everyone else on that card, and a HELL of a lot more than they would have had he not been on it. As someone else pointed out, it isn’t his fault if WWE hasn’t built up enough legit stars over the years since he’s been gone. It also isn’t his fault if he gets a bigger reaction than pretty much anybody when he comes back. That’s how huge a star he was. He does movies now. Good for him. It’s called “retirement”. But people like Cena and this whiny anonymous chap, should be THANKFUL that Rock would come out of retirement and help them all make more $$$ and give them more exposure.

  • Greg

    You know mad people are hating on the rock for leaving but come on people can anyone honestly say they blame him? Does anyone honestly think cena wudnt do the same thing if given the chance? Rock worked his ass off in wwe for years. He put up with all the pain and hardships that go along with being a wrestler and not only did he do that he also dealt with being one of the most popular superstars of all time and having to constantly go on tv shows an work charity events an what not. After years of working his ass off an getting beat up for a living why doesn’t rocky deserve to make a little easy money? And if memory serves me right in his last match rock put over evolution an helped start Orton and Batista. Rock should be praised for stepping aside and letting the younger guys have the spotlight. What’s funny is I remember in one of rockys last interviews before he left he was talking about how great cena was and how much potential he had and he was talking up all the young guys. Cena is just a jealous bitch bc no matter what he does he’ll never make movies as well as the rock, never cut promos as well as the rock, never wrestle as well as the rock, and he’ll never be the peoples champion.

  • cheesehandler

    i hope rock loses….

    im not fan of cena but im a fan of the wrestling world….the rock IS NOT part of that. im going to cheer a wrestler before i cheer some shitty actor


    You said exactly what I was thinking and for all you whinners crying about the Rock saying he will never leave read to much into it cause right about that time he presented his twitter and facebook pages so people can keep up to date with him! All these cry babies sound like Cena

  • adam

    Ok for people saying rock is bigger then wwe that is false. If it wasnt for the wwe rock wouldnt be shit. The wwe helped him become a good actor the time spent in front of live crowds learning to talk on the mic learning how to show proper emotion in those situations. Also no one wrstler is bigger then wwe. Its just like no one athlete is bigger then there team or the sport.

  • Sean Mooney

    I think it’s Miz because he was actually involved with the Rock and Cena last year and it didn’t help him get over very much at all, and now he’s completely outside of the Main Event picture.

    Punk has already said similar things about the Rock publically, why would Punk say it anonymously? If Miz says one bad thing about the Rock publically or does one more thing wrong, he might get demoted to permanent jobber.

  • ogitchida


  • Malice

    You know what’s ironic about this? Cena just came out of an angle with Kane about embracing the hate and Cena fought valiantly to “Rise Above Hate” and not give in to Kane. Now the very next night on RAW what does he come of as: a a hate-embracing, bitter, whiny asshole who stays mad at the Rock for leaving and finding his personal success. Cena please burn that shirt you have on, It really makes you look like a complete hypocrite right now.

  • Devil_Rising


    Rocky has never been my fav. wrestler. But it’s not HIS fault the WWE decided to book a WM match with him and Cena in the MAIN EVENT of WM a year in advance. I doubt that was his idea or plan at all. That was most likely Vince and his “genius”.

    I can appreciate how some of the wrestlers must feel, with Cena and Rock being the main event, while the rest of them get stuck with whatever, including the two World Champs. But honestly, for one thing, Cena is a hypocrite. Sure, he does shitty movies but sticks around WWE (even though a lot of us wish he wouldn’t), but you also know he’s probably more excited about this match with Rock than he has been about just about anything in his career. It IS one of the biggest matches of his lame (and over exposed) WWE career. And he’s benefiting from all the extra exposure it’s giving him, AND the WWE. And Cena, the WWE, and all those complaining wrestlers in the back are going to make a mighty fine WM payday because of this over-hyped main event match.

    So get the hell over it already. I don’t personally care about this match, but that’s because I don’t like/care about Cena. It also DOES NOT belong as the Main Event. But whatever. Again, that isn’t the Rock’s fault, he didn’t book that shit. But he WILL be the reason it draws a lot of money. End of story.

  • Dan

    Why can no one see it? If its a text message its blatantly Johnny Ace that sent it.

  • keylo

    The thing here is that this is the act of a coward by whoever sent it as (with permission to be quoted under the condition of anonymity)as much as we all hate the poster boy pg era Cena when he did bitch about Rock a few yrs back he still had the balls to allow his name to be put along side it, where as this coward is acting like a spoiled child not getting his own way and hasn’t the balls to front up and say it without the promise of hiding who he is and that my friends is the act of a spineless, gutless yellow bastard coward.

  • WWFZine

    The Rock is bigger than the WWE. Just saying.

    Ask people on the street around the world. Who do u know?

    The Rock obviously. Mr Dwayne Johnson

  • scooter

    Kevin Nash meant to send it to himself but his gigantic hands got it in the way

  • Rucdogg

    again i wish they would stop fucking crying so much…why would he need to put anyone over? he is there to help make wrestlemania get bigger numbers which in turn gets a bigger check for everyone! and speaking of putting people over see: HHH, Stone Cold, Taker, Lesnar, Angle, Goldberg, Benoit, Foley, Hurricane the list goes on and on. If they spent as much time trying to get over as they do bitching about the rock maybe they would get over…just saying

  • Simon07

    Well this person is brave. Instead of sending text messages crying about it, why don’t they do something about it.

  • Dhane

    @ alucard420…All your words were my thoughts in unison. Nuff Respect! Why to people hate on Dwayne. National Champion in football. Followed his family legacy. Accomplished EVERYTHING in the WWE. Has the talent to fulfill any dream that he can dream. The torch was passed and they let it die and now they want to blame him. Nothing but jealousy. If he didn’t care, he would NOT do a damn thing for WWE. How many times has he put people over? Remember Brock? Goldberg? HHH? Hurricane? Jericho? (BTW, Jericho’s EPIC debut was on Rock’s time!!!!) Get a life you Rock haters! Boots to Asses!

  • adam

    Ya but what you guys arn’t understanding why people are mad at rock. If he would of never said I am back and im never leaving then people would of been like oh he is just making a apperance we will see him again in a month or so or at mania ok. But he had to say I’m home and im never leaveing you again. When he knew damn well that was a lie.

  • heyfit
    Sold Out WTF?! Austin was forced to retire because of his injuries, if he kept wrestling he would be freaking paralyzed ! Rock retired because he accomplished everything there was to do, what would you have him do, keep on destroying his body until he is forced to get a fake hip like Hogan. There is only one sell out, and that’s John Cena, he sold out his core fan base (the people that liked his rap gimmick) to become the PG poster boy, that my friend is a sell out.

  • hjkhjk

    They’re both terrible. And “phonies” as CM Punk once said.

  • ramses 3

    ramses 2 you cant even type a damn sentence intelligently if you cant type please refrain from speaking.

  • fail

    There all just jealous of him plain and simple

  • Hunter

    That’s a long text. Or maybe there wasn’t a text?

  • For Real Man

    why are people mad at The Rock? I mean if Rock shows up after 7 years and is the best thing around. thats WWE fault or the wrestlers fault for not being any good. When Rock was a full time wrestler, he shared the spotlight with many others. Cena has been a spotlight hog since he won the heavyweight title. Rock didn’t leave WWE. He’s Retired from wrestling people. I do not want Rock to be the next Hogan and stick around when he has nothing left to accomplish. If Rock stayed all thsi time and was still here. We would probably hate him, dying for him to retire. Be real peeps. a 7 year wrestling career is enough tbh. and last i check the only thing holding WWE back from being great is John Cena. just saying.

  • nick

    the rock is miz’s idol… it isnt miz lol

  • RAMSES 2

    the rock he busted his ass for 7 years and you think ( wwe roster) he is going to open his limo and say come on boys the icecream on me. thats in any place not only the wwe. if hollywood call cena for the movies that rocks makes, (heah some or dog shit) you don t think he will leave wwe come a prefer to see the rock taking a big shit than the match in last night elimation or andy raw match.

  • Jimbo

    Blame WWE for not elevating enough guys. There’s only so much Randy Orton and John Cena they can force down people’s throats. Of course people are going to clamor for somebody like Rock to come back and have a huge match at WM.

  • adam

    Honestly i havent been a cena fan since he stopped doing the battle raps. But after his promo on the rock on raw i actually hope cena beats his ass. I mean everything he said is true and everything this anonymous superstar said is true. Ya it will be a big match but the second its done rock will run back to hollywood and leave the wwe universe high and dry till his next shitty movie needs help getting big.

  • Effmenow

    LOL………everyone just forgets about The Rock’s first 10 years of pro wrestling around the world.

  • jake

    I am the biggest Rock mark there is. And I’m also the biggest Cena hater there is but I loved the shoot promo tonight. It reminded me of when Cena first started. I liked him then. Its when he became the PG poster boy that I started to hate him. If he did promos like that one more often I wouldn’t mind him at all.

  • I can not wait tell they “ACCIDENTIAL” leak the name of who said this!

  • This is hilarious, it’s like wrestlers from the attitude era bitching at Hulk Hogan for making wrestling what it is today. LOL This PG generation has no respect, i’m not even going to consider them man, their whiny bitches.

  • Devil_Rising

    still though, its not gona prove whose better, its up to politics who will win, if this was UFC id be interested but its scripted ergo, no true winner

  • Wine Reborn

    The wrestler that said this is stupid off Disney movies alone the rock made $30 million in one year. I’m sorry but $30 million is enough to retire on nomatter where u live. No matter how u look at no wrestler makes that in one year. I’m pro Rocky period so what if he keeps to himself. Id keep to myself to if that’s whats u thought.

  • kyat

    so obvious its the miz

  • wwe

    My boy cena down since day one loyal to tha game all heart laughing at you haters.wrestlemania 28 The Rock gets beat ….LETS GO CENA….ROCKY SUCKS ….LETS GO CENA…DIE ROCKY DIE

  • nick

    i paid for survivor series to see the rock. i didnt pay for it to see big show vs mark henry…. im watchin next week’s raw to see the rock. im not watchin it to see a shitshow with eve/ryder/kane/cena. and i know im not the only one… i agree with cenas comments, he did leave. but he does put alotta butts in seats.

  • Mr. Spadez

    Here’s the thing….. if those people are sick of The Rock having an impact in an event/business they work 365 days a year at, and he only has to work 30…. those are the same people that are living well off for his efforts during his official WWE run.

    Facts are facts. If the Rock didn’t become the hottest commodity in Wrestling alongside Austin, Cena wouldn’t have such a platform to bitch on. Rock took WWE places other superstars couldn’t. So he makes movies, so he has a posse. He has those things because he EARNED them and can now live comfortably and enjoy it. People need to stop being bitter that the man can enjoy the lifestyle he has and grow up.

  • When did the WWE get populated by a bunch of jealous and whiny bitches. If you have a problem with The Rock in the main event, then go bitch to Vince, because he clearly doesn’t have any faith in his roster.

  • D2K

    Definitely sounds like Punk, but could also be Miz. He isn’t exactly a member of ‘Team Bring It’ either and has made like comments in the past. He’s been in the doghouse since Survivor Series and had the blame of the PPV not selling dumped on his shoulders (which makes absolutely ZERO sense, but is a microcosm of what WWE management is nowadays.)

    If The Rock is coming to Wrestlemania to do anything other than job to Cena and put him over in the same way Andre The Giant jobbed to Hogan and put him over at Wrestlemania III (which was another situation where it was seemingly hopeless that the face would go over,) what little respect I have left for The Rock will be gone.

  • wwe

    CENA BEATS DWAYNE you all can’t see it but you’ll all read it HEADLINES. APRIL 2 …LET’S GO CENA …..ROCKY SUCKS

  • hbk fan

    its santino marella rocky stole his title run

  • you need to give him some quality time


  • Tony

    CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew

    At least back in the day he put over the Hurricane …OMG HE IS COMING BACK….kidding I know