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Another Bragging Rights Title Match Revealed, WWE Star Becomes A Grandfather, Rey Mysterio

— The promotional commercial for WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view event is advertising a Buried Alive Match between Kane and The Undertaker.

The event will take place on Oct. 24 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

— Paul Bearer announced on his Twitter account that he is going to be a grandfather — again.

“Just found out before I took off from DFW that I’m going to be a grandpa again,” he wrote. “My oldest son and his wife are pregnant.”

He then noted that his first grandchild passed away, and that he has two granddaughters, 2 1/2 and 6.

See photos of Paul Bearer when he weighed over 500 pounds ->


  • me

    taker shouldnt take the title from kane but he will, it saddens me that they are going to put the belt back on taker, he doesnt deserve it anymore, the guy barely wrestles, i really think he should retire, all due respect to him, he was one of my favourites of all time, especially as a kid, but i dont want to see him end up like flair, a joke. nor do i want the title to end up a joke being put on someone who barely can take a few matches a year now.


    Ha so undertaker and Mccool had a baby lol, first of all when did they get married. Second when was she pregnant lol. Anyway in all seriousness I think the buried alive match should happen at Survior Series too. It’s a bigger PPV and it might get the ratings for it back up. And yes survior series is still on this year. WWE confrimed it on their website a few months back. And it’s on the list on their website.

  • adam tarasievich

    so is undertaker or kane a daddy now lol. I was expecting it to be survior series too but i think bragging rights replaced survivor series didnt it? because it is the same concept the team vs team matches the hole time except for the title matches. Which that would be awesome if they had some kinda war games match again but thats never gonna happen.

  • dave

    I believe Taker should walk into SS the WHC since its the 20yr anniversary and all.

  • nobody

    I’m glad they’re doing a buried alive, but, for some reason, I was expecting and hoping it to happen at Survivor Series. I don’t know why, but it just fits the event better.

  • donners

    maybe paul bearer’s rey mysterio’s dad too?!

    now THERE’S a storyline….

  • CC

    Well it also says that someone has become a grandfather, when in fact they say they are ‘going’ to be a grandfather again.

  • Confus3d

    Why is Rey Mysterio’s name in the headline and there is nothing about him in this section?